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Our Commitment to Clinical Standards

  • At Spire Cardiff Hospital we consider a clean environment to be the foundation upon which we deliver safe and effective clinical care. We are committed to achieving consistently high standards of hospital cleanliness and take a leading position among healthcare providers by sharing with you our clinical performance figures.

    Our Centre of Excellence also collects health outcome information for hip and knee replacement surgery. We ask patients to complete a questionnaire about the pain they have from their hip or knee and how this limits their daily activities before their surgery. Six months later, we ask the same questions again and the results are analysed to calculate health improvement after the operation.

    The questionnaires – known as the Oxford Hip Score or the Oxford Knee Score – have been used by doctors in the UK for 12 years. They include 12 questions, with a maximum score of 48.  For example, a change in Oxford Hip Score from 26 before surgery to 36 six months later would represent a significant health improvement.

    How we minimise the risk of infection

    The latest data for Spire Cardiff Hospital (2007-8) show that we have had no cases of MRSA or Clostridium Difficile infections.

    Careful control of the possible infection routes is essential to minimise the risk of these infections. At Spire Cardiff Hospital we have a range of procedures in place to address this and are proud of our record in infection control.

    • We have a very high proportion of single rooms to help keep infection rates low. 
    • We employ our own team of housekeepers to ensure that wards, corridors and surfaces are regularly and thoroughly cleaned.
    •  We screen all patients who are at risk from MRSA before admission, so we can take appropriate precautionary measures. 
    • Staff receive regular training in exceptional hand hygiene. 
    • We use operating theatres with laminar air flow, an air filter system, for all major orthopaedic operations to minimise the risk of infection in theatre. 
    • We employ an infection control lead nurse to ensure that we adhere to policies for the prevention and control of infection, supported by a specialist at national level.


    How we minimise the risk of infection
  • How we minimise unplanned re-admissions

    • Each patient undergoes a rigorous assessment with our nursing and medical staff before surgery.
    • Our nursing and medical staff provide patients with individual discharge planning, and all the information they need to help recovery. 
    • We provide patients with comprehensive and timely information about surgery and details of any follow-up treatment.
    How we minimise unplanned re-admissions

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