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Foot and Ankle Unit

Spire Bushey Hospital, North London

Welcome to the Foot and Ankle Unit

The North London & Hertfordshire foot and ankle unit at Spire Bushey Hospital has been set up to treat patients with orthopaedic foot and ankle problems. Foot and ankle orthopaedic surgery is a specialist branch of orthopaedics requiring accurate diagnosis and treatment by the multi-disciplinary team including surgery, interventional radiology, physiotherapy and podiatry. By bringing together these aspects of the multidisciplinary team under one roof we can offer patients timely diagnosis and treatment in a single setting.

Many foot and ankle conditions do not require surgery, but still require accurate diagnosis for the appropriate treatment to be administered. Interventional radiology, podiatry and physiotherapy are essential aspects in the non-surgical treatment of such conditions.

Our experienced team consists of foot and ankle surgeon Mr. Rod Coull, Dr. Steve Johnson, a podiatrist, Mr. Julian Livingstone, and a foot and ankle physiotherapist.

For speedy diagnosis of foot and ankle problems, Mr. Coull offers a one-stop clinic on a weekly basis in which consultation, x-rays and ultrasound assessment occur on the same visit, reducing the need for patients to attend the hospital before the start of treatment. These clinics are available from 6pm-8pm on a Tuesday evening, and 8am-12pm on a Thursday morning. 

Mr. Coull has ten years of experience as consultant foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons and can offer up-to-date treatments for all foot and ankle conditions including, arthroscopic surgery, keyhole (minimally invasive) bunion surgery and shockwave therapy.

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