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  • Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) is applied in a variety of different ways to treat foot and ankle conditions. It is also used to diagnose problems, providing the surgeon with a clear picture of all structures in the joints without a need for an invasive surgical approach. Direct inspection of the ankle provides the best assessment of articular surface changes and damage.

    The surgical team at the Foot and Ankle Unit in Spire Bushey Hospital offer patients keyhole (arthroscopy) surgery for a number of indications.

    Symptoms might include
    1. Unexplained pain, swelling, stiffness
    2. Instability
    3. Locking and popping.

    The therapeutic treatment indications include
    1. Articular injury
    2. Soft tissue injury
    3. Bony impingement causing pain
    4. Instability causing the ankle to give way
    5. Fracture
    6. Synovitis causing swelling
    7. Loose bodies causing locking
    8. Tendonitis
    9. Osteophytes
    10.Arthritis requiring arthrodesis.

    Arthroscopy is performed under a general anaesthetic.  It is usually a day case surgery.  The small keyhole incision usually means recovery and mobilisation is faster.  Patients can start physiotherapy sooner than more invasive surgeries allow and normally have to take less time off work.

    The team at the Foot and Ankle Unit welcome you for a consultation for any of the problems mentioned above. The consultants will send you for initial investigations (such as an X-ray and MRI scan) to evaluate the need for an arthroscopic assessment and treatment. Any recommended treatments will be fully discussed with you and scheduled at your convenience.

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