Our highly experienced physiotherapists can provide you with the care you need to return to fitness.

The physio team includes specialists in hand therapy, upper and lower limb, spinal and neurological physiotherapy.

Our private physiotherapy treatments include:

  • sports injury treatment, prevention and advice 
  • spinal care (back pain)
  • personalised exercise programmes
  • soft tissue mobilisation techniques
  • acupuncture
  • hydrotherapy
  • Pilates and core stability programmes
  • gym rehabilitation classes
  • vestibular rehabilitation (balance disorders)
  • respiratory physiotherapy
  • incontinence care (male and female)

All physiotherapy  treatments are available on an individual one-to-one basis.  We also offer group rehabilitation classes, Pilates and gym rehabilitation classes.

Your physiotherapist will initially undertake an assessment.  They will then discuss with you the cause of your problem, and the treatment you require.  Your treatment programme will be tailor made for you and we will give you advice on how to avoid problems in the future. 

Appointment times are flexible and we have early morning and evening clinics to suit people who work.