Using our service

Spire Sussex Orthopaedic Group offers the experience and facilities to provide expert treatment for musculo-skeletal conditions and injuries, including bone and soft tissue injuries, and long standing problems such as back and neck pain.

At Spire Sussex Hopsital we welcome all patients, whether you have private medical insurance or want to fund your own treatment.

Do I need a GP referral to book an appointment?   Insured
Private medical insurers usually require a GP referral before they will authorise your consultation or diagnostic tests/scans. We will ask you for your 'authorisation number' when booking your appointments. 

A referral letter from your GP will be required before booking an appointment for a Consultation. A referral is not usually needed for booking a physiotherapy appointment.

Who do I pay for my treatment?   Insured
Your insurer will normally pay the consultant and hospital invoices on your behalf. If there is a shortfall, your consultant and/or the hospital will ask you to pay the difference. 

Your consultant will send or give you an invoice and you will pay them direct for your consultation appointments. For hospital tests and any out-patient treatment, the hospital will invoice you and collect payment by debit or credit card.

What happens if I need surgery or other in-hospital treatment?   Insured
If you need surgery or other in-hospital treatment such as pain relief injections, we will seek agreement from your insurer to pay the anticipated cost of your treatment. Spire Healthcare has contracts with all major UK private medical insurers to cover hospital charges. (Please check with your insurance company before proceeding with treatment.)
Consultant fees are separate to hospital charges and the insurance company pays these direct to your consultant(s).

If you need surgery or other in-hospital treatment, we normally offer an inclusive package for all core treatment costs, including consultant fees.

If I want a scan, do I need a referral?


Yes, either from your GP or the consultant.

If I have had a scan, how do I get the results?


The results will go back to whoever referred you, either your GP or your consultant.

Will I have physiotherapy after my operation?   While you are still in hospital one of our physiotherapists will help get you back on your feet ready to go home. You will then be able to arrange to come back as an out-patient so the physiotherapist can continue to help you make progress.

If you have further questions or queries  please do not hesitate to call
us on 01424 757455 or email