Joanna's story: Gastric sleeve operation

Joanna had been overweight since she was 16 and had been dieting for about 20 years. She’d tried lots of methods to lose weight like diet clubs and hypnotherapy. She says, “I lost four stone at a diet club but after two years I had put on six stone.”

At a size 28, Joanna‘s lifestyle was being affected by her weight. She explains, “I hated the way I looked and my confidence was low. I stayed indoors and didn’t go out and socialise. I didn’t enjoy clothes shopping either. I would come out of plus size shops with huge outfits, that didn’t flatter me, and made me feel awful.”

Joanna also felt unfit and couldn’t walk very far without feeling uncomfortable and breathless. Her knees were also starting to hurt especially when she bent down.

Choosing weight loss surgery

Joanna had heard about weight loss surgery through a friend who’d lost four stone with a gastric band. She knew the Spire hospital in Harpenden provided weight loss surgery so called them and made an appointment to see Mr Jain. “I chose Spire Harpenden Hospital because they were local and Mr Jain had a good reputation,” she says.

After her first appointment with Mr Jain Joanna says, “I walked out of the hospital and knew I wanted to have the operation."

"We discussed my eating habits during the consultation and Mr Jain suggested I should have a sleeve gastrectomy as that would suit me best. Mr Jain went into a lot of detail about the procedure which I found reassuring as it was clear he knew what he was doing.”


Joanna also met the dietitian to discuss how her diet would change before and after surgery.

Having gastric sleeve surgery at Spire Harpenden Hospital

When Joanna went to the hospital for her operation she says, “Mr Jain came to see me and explained everything again and all the hospital staff were brilliant. I didn’t feel worried as I knew I was making the right decision for me.”

After two nights in hospital, Joanna went home. She was limited to eating soup at first, but after six weeks she was back to eating solid food. She also had follow up appointments with the dietitian and Mr Jain after the operation, to discuss her progress and how her eating habits had changed. Joanna eats smaller portions now and has lost six stone since her operation.

How has Joanna’s life changed since her gastric bypass?

Joanna says “I'm more sociable now and the confidence I have now is amazing. I feel like I can do anything now, or at least have a go and it doesn’t matter if I fail.” 

“All my friends have noticed how much happier I am and can’t believe what I look like now. My knees don’t hurt anymore and I did a two mile run recently for charity and I hadn’t run in years. My quality of life has improved significantly.”

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Before weight loss surgery

Joanna was a size 28 before her weight loss surgery

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