Darren's story: gastric bypass

"I lost 12 stone in 12 months"

Not only has Darren Jardin’s home life changed dramatically since his gastric bypass surgery, but so has his work life – something his lack of self-esteem would have prevented while he weighed 31st 2lb.

"It wasn't a painful experience, there was very little discomfort."
Darren Jardin

A few months prior to his 40th birthday, Darren was struggling with his weight – despite having tried every weight loss scheme he had found. His excessive weight was causing sleep apnoea (a condition where breaths are missed during sleep), joint problems and diabetes and Darren was fully aware of his increased risk of a heart attack. Beyond the health concerns, he was having trouble walking and struggling to maintain his personal hygiene.

Why weight loss surgery?

Darren’s job at Red House Working Men’s Club in Sunderland was fairly physical, and at home he had two children aged eight and nine, who wanted to be able to enjoy a full, active existence with their father. These factors inspired Darren to look for a solution to his condition. 

It was a colleague who saw the gastric bypass advertised on television and prompted Darren to contact bariatric surgeon Mr Stephen Pollard at Spire Leeds Hospital. So determined was he to change his life that he took out a second mortgage to fund the operation.

Bariatric surgery: gastric bypass

Darren had an open gastric bypass on Monday, November 6, 2006.  Having been admitted on Monday morning for the operation, he spent the 24 hours after the procedure in intensive care. This is not exceptional - it is expected that the first night after the operation will be spent in either intensive care or a high dependence unit. 

Five days after the operation, Darren was home with his family. Darren said: “It wasn’t a painful experience, there was very little discomfort. I did have a minor infection in the scar a couple of weeks later, but this was dealt with efficiently and quickly.”

Weight loss surgery: giving you your life back

Within a year, Darren lost more than 12 stone and his life is transformed. 

The improvements to his health and well-being are numerous and he is enjoying doing the normal things a father does with his family – he remarked on being able to play with his children in the swimming pool while on a recent holiday. His work life is also easier and with his increased levels of confidence he’s also finding it more enjoyable.

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For further information call your local Spire Healthcare hospital or complete our online enquiry form on the weight loss home page.

Darren before bariatric surgery

Darren before his gastric bypass with Spire Healthcare

Darren weighed over 31 stone and was facing increasingly serious health problems.

One year after Darren's surgery

Darren after gastric bypass surgery with Spire Healthcare

After his gastric bypass operation Darren lost over 12 stone and says life has been transformed.

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