Graham's story: gastric bypass

Quite simply, having a gastric bypass operation has completely transformed Graham's life.

After under going weight loss surgery at The Spire Manchester Hospital, Graham Hatton-Downward is more than happy to be front page news and have his picture taken, happy also to share his story with us, something he would have shied away from previously.

"Physically, I really am half the man I was, but when it comes to self esteem, I am twice the man I was."
Graham Hatton-Downward

Why weight loss surgery?

Whilst being overweight, Graham hated to look at himself in the mirror, and was always embarrassed to be included in family pictures - just shopping for clothes became something of a nightmare for him. Everyday activities that we all take for granted, even family gatherings became difficult to deal with, and in many cases this can lead to isolation, depression and breakdown in relationships.

Choosing a bariatric surgeon

Happily, Graham had a very supportive family around him and together they began the journey with him to help get his life back together and this meant a visit to see Mr Basil Ammori, one of the area's leading bariatric surgeons at The Spire Manchester Hospital.

Obesity issues pre surgery

Mr. Graham Hatton-Downward was 54 when he first contacted Mr Ammori, at that time Graham weighed 142.8 kg (22.5 stones) and had a BMI of 50.6 kg/m2.

Prior to surgery Graham was suffering with painful knees, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) and barretts oesophagus.

Over the last two years since his surgery, he has lost 86% of his excess weight and has managed to maintain his weight at 87.3 kg (13.5 stones) with a BMI of 30.9 kg/m2.

Weight loss surgery: gastric bypass 

Mr Ammori performed a laparoscopic gastric bypass, which has enabled Graham to achieve his dramatic 9 stones loss of weight.

Graham speaks of his experience

“Thanks to Mr Ammori and his team, I have my life back again, I can live the life I once had and I now don’t face the problems that I had to endure over the years of being obese, more importantly I like myself once again!

"Physically, I really am half the man I was, but when it comes to self esteem, I am twice the man I was. I get such a kick out of meeting people who haven’t seen me for a year or so, and seeing the reaction and the look on their faces.

Weight loss surgery: giving you your life back

"I cannot thank Mr Ammori enough for giving me my life back. An operation like this isn’t something to enter into lightly, but for me it was the last hope. I had tried every diet and joined every type of slimming club that you can name, but nothing had worked.

"If I am asked by anyone who is overweight would I recommend the operation, the answer would be a resounding yes. But I always add the caveat that you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that once you have had the operation that the hard work is done and you can go back to your old eating habits.

"You have to train yourself not to eat the quantities that you ate before or you will have done it all for nothing. Personally I can eat anything I like, so it’s not like being on a diet. But I have to educate myself that I don’t need the portion sizes that I used to have.”

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Graham after bariatric surgery

Graham after gastric bypass surgery with Spire Healthcare

Since his weight loss surgery 2 years ago, Graham has lost 55.5kg (9 stone).

Graham before bariatric surgery

Graham before gastric bypass surgery with Spire Healthcare

Before weight loss surgery, Graham weighed 142.8 kg (22.5 stone)

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