Into Touch: An interview with Calum Green

Calum Green is a professional rugby player for the Newcastle Falcons having joined the team in 2014. Spire Washington Hospital work closely with the Falcons' medical team to provide state of the art imaging services to the playing squad.

Calum Green Newcastle Falcons rugby

When did you first know you wanted to be a rugby player & why?

I grew up in Norfolk and my dad used to play rugby on the weekends so I would go and watch him play when I was five or six years old.  From seeing him play I joined my local juniors club, Crusaders, and from there just kept progressing until I was picked up by Leicester Tigers.

How are you finding life in the North East since joining the Falcons? 

One of the best things about professional rugby is that it does give you the chance to travel around and get to know different places and meet different people. I’ve really enjoyed my experience at the Falcons so far, everyone has been incredibly friendly since I moved up to Newcastle and it’s been a great experience.

After a game, how long does it take to recover?

It all depends on the type of game the team have just played, say we’re playing on the Saturday and it’s tipping down with rain, the contact is in close and it’s a physical game it could be the Tuesday or Wednesday before you feel back to normal. When a game is a bit looser with more running involved (usually when it’s sunny!) it’s easier to recover so usually by the Sunday morning you’re feeling back to your normal self.

What injuries have you suffered during your rugby career?

Quite a few! When I was at Leicester I had surgery on a bulging disc at Spire Leicester Hospital which kept me out for nearly a year. I’ve also torn my pectoral muscle which took three to four months to recover from however most of the time it’s little niggles that you suffer. Injuries such as ankle sprains, little stingers (a nerve injury) are part of the game and our physiotherapists will monitor us and send us for a scan at Spire Washington if it’s still hurting to double check how bad it is.

How do you feel about being sponsored by Spire Washington Hospital?

Having spent a fair amount of time in Spire hospitals it’s a good feeling to be sponsored by a company I know. I didn’t have a sponsor last season since I was a new player and people didn’t know who I was so personally it’s nice to have been chosen this year.

What are the benefits in your opinion of having Spire Washington Hospital on your doorstep?

The relationship between the club and the hospital means that we can be seen quickly for tests and scans which is important with the short turnaround times we have between games. For us as players it’s great to know that if we’ve got something wrong with us we’re able to get it checked straight away at the hospital without waiting days or weeks.

What is your advice to any young player starting out?

Always listen to your coaches, keep your head down and work hard. A lot of players when they get a little bit of recognition start thinking they’re better than they are and their development stalls, so remember to be humble and keep your feet on the ground.

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