Gastric Band Patient Diary

Patient Diary

Anyone thinking of having weight loss surgery knows it is a big decision. Mrs Claire Chappell had a Gastric Band surgery at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital. Mr Nick Boyle  our Bariatric Surgeon performed the surgery and Mrs Chappell made a diary of her weight loss journey. A journey that changed her life. Her journey might inspire you if you are thinking of having weight loss surgery and make it easier to take a decision to make the journey yourself. Dont forget to look at the amazing before and after photos of Claire at the end of the diary.

My daughter and husband are over the moon and I can now fit in the seats in the cinema with gaps either side of me

Mrs Claire Chappell's Patient Diary

Date of Gastric Band 11 April    

  • Start weight 21 stone 7lb
  • Clothes size 22/24

1st March   

I watched a programme on the TV tonight about someone that had a gastric band, and my husband said to me that may be my only option to loose weight.

2nd March

I researched local Hospitals and phoned Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital for more information. I booked an appointment to see Mr Boyle for the following Monday.

 5th March     

I took a friend with me to my appointment to see Mr Boyle. He was very friendly and asked me about my eating habits. He explained the operation in detail, and the next steps if I wanted to proceed. He said that I would be very suitable for the operation as my main problem was that I liked large meals and I my diet was high in carbohydrates.

Mr Boyle explained that I would need to have appointments with the dietician, the psychotherapist and endocrinologist, they would then decide if i could proceed with the operation.

In the next 3 weeks I had all the appointments and I decided that I couldn’t just loose weight on my own, I really needed help. My biggest motivation was my 10 year old daughter, I wanted to be a ‘normal’ size and see her grow up. It was an easy decision to make.

I admit that I didn’t loose any weight on the two weeks pre-diet mainly because my diet was already low in fat- it was the amount I was eating.

So I had a date of 11th April for my surgery and weighed in at 21 and a half stone, approx 136 kilos. (My height is 5f 11)

11th April    

The staff in the hospital were great, and I felt very relaxed, no nerves, and no regrets.

I admit that after I came out of surgery I tried to sit up in bed and it was pretty painful, after about 4 days this started to get better. I was on fluids for the next 2-4 weeks and managed fine on this.

2nd May           

Today was my follow up appointment with Mr Boyle; I had lost 18lb which I was pretty happy with. The only problem I had was that I seemed to be able to eat more or less the same as before which I was a little confused about. Mr Boyle explained that I would need to wait to have my first fill before I would get any kind of restriction which I couldn’t have until at least 6 weeks after the operation.

I did at this point have a bit of a low period as I perceived that it didn’t seem to have worked for me.

29 May    

I had my first fill under X-ray. A needle is inserted through your stomach wall into your band, I have to say it doesn’t sound great but I didn’t feel a thing. I had about 8ml put in, and was told that it may need adjusting, but to give it a few days to see how it works. I found after a couple of days I had no restriction so I returned on 7th June to have some more put in. Straight away I could feel there was a difference.

16 July

  • Weight 18 stone 11lb
  • Weight lost 38lb
  • Size 20

Nobody said it was going to be easy, and at times I wonder why I couldn't have done it myself. You still have to have will-power, if you don't you are only cheating yourself. 

31 August

  • Weight 17 stone 12
  • weight loss 51 lb
  • size 18.

I am finding it easier to keep my food down, this was because I was eating too quickly. It takes me up to an hour to eat my dinner, which takes some getting use to. I seem to be more aware of portition sizes, and cant believe the amount I used to eat. I also look at food as fuel now, which is really what it should be.

Happy achievements after weight loss surgery: 

  • I can now fit in the seats in the cinema with gaps either side of me.
  • I have lost 7 inches from my waist.
  • I now wear a sports skirt to badminton sessions.
  • My Judo kit is a size smaller and even that is now big on me.
  • My daughter and husband are over the moon.
  • I can go clothes shopping in the same shops as my daughter and try items on together.

If you have any questions about Gastric Band surgery at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital or would like to book an appointment with Mr Boyle please call 01892 741150. Our team will be more than happy to help you find the answer to any of your questions.

Before Gastric Band surgery

After Gastric Band surgery


These two pictures were taken exactly a year apart. We are sure you agree that Mrs Claire Chappell's transformation is fantastic!

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