Breast lump removal

Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Fordcombe, Kent offers a One-Stop Breast Clinic for women (or men) who are worried about breast lumps.

If after your consultation and scan with a specialist you require the breast lump to be removed, Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital offers Breast lump removal on site with a consultant breast specialist such as Mr Haresh Devalia or Mr Tim Williams.

Breast Lump Removal at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital

What's involved?

Surgery may be needed to remove breast lumps that don’t go away on their own or cysts that keep coming back. The operation is known as a lumpectomy and the lump is then sent to a laboratory for examination.

During the operation, an incision, slightly bigger than the lump, is made over or near the lump. The lump can now be removed completely In some cases a border of healthy tissue around the lump may also be removed. This is called wide local excision. The healthy tissue may also be examined to find out if the lump has been completely removed.

The operation usually takes approximately an hour and can be performed as a day case or in some cases, may require an overnight stay in hospital.

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