Light Adjustable Lens at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital offers the new Light Adjustable Lens procedure to patients in Kent and surrounding areas. The Light Adjustable Lens surgery is carried out by our consultant ophthalmologist, Mr Ejaz Ansari.

The Light Adjustable Lens is a major breakthrough in the treatment of presbyopia and cataracts

The Light Adjustable Lens can correct long or short sightedness with great accuracy. The Light Adjustable Lens is the only lens whose strength can be adjusted to your individual needs after it has been inserted into your eye allowing any residual glasses prescription to be eliminated, giving you the sharpest vision that is possible.

To find out more about the Light Adjustable Lens available at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital please call 01892 741 150.

Questions and answers about the Light Adjustable Lens

What are the advantages of the light adjustable lens?
The light adjustable lens is the only lens used in cataract or clear lens extraction surgery that can be adjusted after it is implanted in your eye. This allows your surgeon to change the lens power precisely to correct for long sight, short sight and astigmatism to give you the best vision that is possible. It also eliminates the need for additional invasive procedures such as LASIK surgery. As the digital adjustment is so precise it is even possible to perform Wavefront treatments to the lens to give even sharper vision. All the adjustment is carried out by a computer controlled low intensity beam of light thus eliminating all the risks and complications associated with surgery.

Will it correct my reading vision?
Just as the light adjustable lens can be used to perfect your distance vision, it can also be used to give you good reading vision. Your surgeon will discuss with you the many options that exist for doing so. These include blended micromonovision as can be achieved with laser eye surgery or bifocal/varifocal vision similar to that achieved by multifocal implants to correct for presbyopia. Unlike all other surgical techniques available for correcting reading vision the light adjustable lens can be adjusted more than once without surgery to give the optimal result for your individual eye.

How long does the lens last?
The lens last forever. It never needs to be removed or replaced. The adjustments of the lens power are also permanent and after they have been made to optimize your vision, the lens will never again need readjustment.

Can any eye surgeon give me the light adjustable lens?
No. Only expert cataract surgeons who have the approved equipment and are specially trained in the insertion and adjustment of the Calhoun Vision light adjustable lens can offer it to their patients.

What are the risks?
As with any surgical procedure there are risks and the results cannot be guaranteed. The risks are very similar to cataract surgery or clear lens extraction. During the adjustment phase some patients experience transient fluctuating vision for about 24 hours.

Mr Ejaz Ansari, our consultant ophthalmologist offering LAL

Find out more information about our Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Ejaz Ansari offering LAL at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

The Light Adjustable Lens is now available at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital

To find out more about the Light Adjustable Lens available at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital please call 01892 741 150.

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