ACL Knee Reconstruction

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Richard Goddard at Spire Sussex Hospital offers arthroscopic 4 strand hamstring ACL reconstruction, a new less invasive keyhole surgery to the traditional ACL reconstruction to treat knee injury. This knee surgery can result in a quick recovery so is a popular choice amongst sports people and elite athletes.

Popular choice for sports people and elite athletes to treat ACL injury

The ACL is a cord like structure running through centre of knee joint. Its main function is to give the knee stability during rotational movements like twisting, turning and sidestepping.

Injury to the ACL is very common in young athletic people, a tearing or popping sensation is frequently reported at the time of injury and immediate swelling is common due to bleeding from the ruptured ligament.  When it has been torn, it is unable to heal and leads to knee instability and the knee giving way.

Treatment for ACL knee injury

Sometimes, these balance mechanisms can be improved with physiotherapy exercises and stop the knee giving way. However, when the exercises are not enough, then reconstruction of the ACL may become necessary.

What happens during the procedure?

A small incision is made to harvest 2 minor hamstring tendons (semi-tendinosis and gracilis). From the two tendons a four strand hamstring graft is constructed, using key hole surgery the entire knee can be more readily visualised therefore placing the reconstruction in a more accurate position. Using key hole techniques, tunnels are drilled in the tibia and femur. The hamstring graft is secured using a small metal suspension device in the femur and a screw in the tibia.

Advantages of the arthroscopic 4 strand hamstring ACL reconstruction

  • Less scarring as keyhole surgery
  • Less invasive, less pain
  • Day surgery
  • Quicker recovery
  • Quicker return to normal activities and sports
  • Rapid physio rehab protocol
  • Often no long term consequence of harvesting hamstring tendon
  • Stronger graft and reconstruction

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