Raising awareness for National Heart Month

Even though there have been enormous improvements in health care in the last 20 years, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the UK and worldwide. It is responsible for around 82,000 deaths per year in the UK (about one in five men and one in eight women dying from heart disease).

The main ways in which heart disease presents to doctors are with angina (a squeezing chest tightness, usually on exercise), breathlessness (which can be a sign of heart failure), heart attacks (usually more severe chest pain or tightness) and palpitations (a sensation of the heart beating fast or irregularly).



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Most deaths from heart disease are caused by heart attacks, with about 124,000 occurring per year. The chances of dying from a heart attack increases with age and in women, although women are less likely to have a heart attack in the first place.

Treatment involves a procedure known as angioplasty where the blocked artery is unblocked with removal of blood clot and insertion of a stent to keep the artery open. Unfortunately some patients do not make it to hospital for this life saving treatment – sometimes because they mistake the early symptoms for indigestion or acid reflux.

Prevention of coronary artery disease is therefore of paramount importance. If you have a family history of heart disease it is critical that you do not smoke, get your cholesterol checked and treated if necessary, eat healthily and take regular exercise.

If you have unexplained chest discomfort (especially on exercise), breathlessness or significant palpitation then it is worth seeing your doctor.

Here at Spire Sussex Hospital we have a team of consultant cardiologists who would be happy to see you for assessment and treatment if required. We have access to all cardiac investigations including CT scanning, exercise tests, echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart to assess function), and invasive procedures such as coronary angiography, angioplasty (stenting) and permanent pacing.

You can find out more by calling Spire Sussex Hospital on 01424 757455 or email info@spiresussex.com

Staff at Spire Sussex Hospital will be raising money for British Heart Foundation on Friday 6th February taking part in 'Wear it Red'.

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