Health assessments

Spire St Anthony's Hospital provides a range of health screens which are targeted at the principal causes of serious illness including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung cancer, breast and cervical cancer for women, and prostate cancer for men.

Health screens gives access to consultant advice and several tests

One of the advantages of a health screen is the length of time available for the consultation, which is sufficient to be able to discuss any particular concerns. If there are significant issues which are not directly addressed by the standard health screen, additional tests can be requested as considered appropriate by the screening doctor.

In most cases, a full report written by the screening doctor will be sent to you within 10 days.


Suitable for people in high risk categories (including those who are overweight, smoke, have diabetes or a family history of cardiac-rated illness); a check before beginning an exercise program; or anyone concerned about their current or future cardiac health. Includes:

  • Resting electroocardiogram (ECG)
  • Health and lifestyle questionnaire
  • Blood pressure 
  • Height/weight measurements (BMI)
  • Total cholesterol and HDL test (blood test)
  • Consultant report and risk assessment
  • Consultant health and lifestyle advice

You can also choose to include tests for full fasting lipids and glucose at an extra cost.

The Cardiac Screens are available Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

To book an appointment, please telephone our out-patient department on 020 8335 4678 or 020 8335 4679.

Executive Health Screen

Designed to review overall wellbeing, the Executive Health Screen takes two hours and gives a comprehensive overview of your health. Includes:

  • Tests – blood pressure, blood analysis including cell count, biochemical blood screen (including cholesterol, blood fats and sugar, thyroid function, liver function), urine test, lung function, BMI, resting ECG and hearing test. Men will also have a prostate test and women will have a mammography.
  • Physical examination – cardio-respiratory, musculoskeletal, central nervous, glands, eyes, ears, nose and throat, abdomen and gait.
  • Consultation – medical history (including family), symptoms, allergies and medication, lifestyle, any current health concerns Appointments are made by contacting the out-patient department on 020 8337 6691.

Tropical Health Screen 

This assessment is the Executive Health Screen with the following additional tests:

  • Antibodies against Amoebae, Hydatid, Schistocoma and Toxoplasma
  • Stool examination for parasites
  • Malarial parasites
  • Urine test
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen test

Appointments are made by contacting the out-patient department on 020 8337 6691.

Well woman 

Addresses the most common concerns in female health. Includes:

  • Tests – blood pressure, haemoglobin, urine test, cervical smear, ovarian screen, mammogram
  • Physical examination – pelvic, breast and general
  • Consultation – with a consultant gynaecologist

Appointments are made by contacting the out-patient department on 020 8337 6691.


Although many women go through the menopause without any problems, many others experience distressing symptoms which result from the lack of oestrogen affecting the blood vessels, skin, bones or the genito-urinary system. This screen is suitable for those who are approaching or just reached the menopause and have severe symptoms; those who have minimal symptoms but are concerned about long-term risks; and women who have gone through early menopause or have had their ovaries removed. The screen includes:

  • Tests - thyroid function, TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), oestradiol, cholesterol, liver function and haemoglobin
  • Physical examination – pelvic and breast
  • Consultation – with a consultant gynaecologist

Mammograms, bone density scan and ovarian screens can also be conducted at extra cost.

Appointments are made by contacting the out-patient department on 020 8337 6691.

Over 60’s 

Designed to detect potential problems and help you to remain active in your older years. The assessment is carried out by a consultant physician specialising in the care of this age group and the whole health screen takes around one hour to complete. Includes:

  • Resting ECG
  • Blood analysis
  • Blood pressure test
  • Thyroid test
  • Urine test
  • Prostate cancer test for men
  • Weight measurement
  • Chest X-ray

Appointments are made by contacting the out-patient department on 020 8335 4678 / 79.

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