Early inflammatory arthritis clinic

We are now providing a clinic to help diagnose and treat rheumatoid arthritis. This clinic is suitable for patients who suffer from pain, stiffness and tenderness in their joints as well as experiencing a reduction in the range of joint movement.

Inflammatory arthritis can develop at any age however it typically effects people between the ages of 18-70 years old. If you feel you may be experiencing symptoms of inflammatory arthritis it is important to be assessed by a consultant rheumatologist as quickly as possible.

Symptoms can be very painful and can have a significant impact on an individuals quality of life so it is crucial to be assessed as early as possible so can so you can be treated and prevent painful syptoms from developing.

It is crucial to identify and treat inflammatory arthritis to prevent disability, reduce pain and induce remission.

The management of inflammatory arthritis has evolved considerably from what it was 20 years ago. Current research provides clear and copious evidence of the benefits of identifying and treating inflammatory arthritis early.

Disability is preventable through seeing patients early to identify promptly and treating intensively. Inflammatory arthritis affects over 1,000,000 people in England, (NAO 2009; RCP 2011). Many patients are young and of working age and there is often a rapid onset of severe symptoms.

If treated late, this leads to irreversible joint damage, disability and is associated with poor general health and higher risk of mortality compared to the general population. Within a short time period, the disease can affect a person’s ability to undertake day to day activities including work and independent living.

Early symptoms linked to inflammatory arthritis usually include:

- Joint pain

- Morning joint stiffness

- Tenderness in and around the joint

- A reduced range of motion in one or more joints

- Redness and warmth around the affected joint

Recognising symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis early is extremely important for healthcare professionals. By identifying inflammatory arthritis at the early stages of disease, joint inflammation can be addressed before damage occurs, thereby preventing long-term consequences of the disease. Furthermore, because rheumatoid disease can affect other organs, early management can help maintain the health status throughout the body.

Studies have shown that the UK lags behind much of western Europe in the management of early arthritis. Barriers to early diagnosis and treatment include people holding off seeing their doctor, delays in referral and accessing rheumatology services, and time taken to complete specialist diagnostic investigations.

Dr Rizwan Rajak, consultant rheumatologist 

Dr Rizwan Rajak, Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Rajak is a specialist in the management of early arthritis and has led in the development of regional services in early arthritis care. He specialises in identifying and treating inflammatory arthritis early, to preserve joint health and prevent long term damage. In addition to his early inflammatory arthritis clinic, he also holds regular clinics at Spire St Anthony's Hospital on Thursday mornings.

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When seeking help and treatment it is important to seek the advice of an expert. We provide and early inflammatory arthritis clinic to help diagnose, treat and more importantly prevent debilitating symptoms held by a consultant rheumatologist. To book a place and receive a consultation please call our outpatient department on:

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