Every athlete strives towards a performance goal to test the limits of their boundaries
It is this desire to be the best that they can, which drives athletes through the mental and physical pain barriers and on to greatness.
However many elite and aspiring athletes willing to work hard and ethically to maximise their performance could be left falling short of their potential, if it were not for the mix of coaches and support specialists.

The practitioners selected to work with an athlete are based on delivering the precise blend of skills and expertise to contribute to performance improvements in any specific sport.
Working closely with their coaches and support specialists, athletes are themselves part of this integrated team.

The mix, often consisting of a personal trainer, physical therapist, nutritionist, soft tissue specialist, sports psychologist, and a host of other experts all seek to improve the athlete’s ability to perform.

Blood screening provides quantifiable analysis enabling athletes to develop strategies and tactics for competition
Working together the integrated approach seeks to optimise training and practice time so the athlete achieves peak performance for major tournaments. It also enables athletes and coaches to prevent, reduce and manage injuries whilst helping the athletes to manage pressure and stress. Included in the deployment of performance enhancing technology.

Given the range of professional demands on each of the specialists supporting the athlete, their diverse experiences, philosophies, and backgrounds, collaboration can often be based upon subjective measures.

How the knowledge is interpreted and applied can be based upon assumption not fact.
Energy is required for a human being to function optimally. The production and management of sustainable biological energy resources is of vital concern for everyone. In the most basic terms, energy comes from the breakdown of oxygen we breathe and the food we eat.

For elite athletes to maintain a performance lifestyle they must fit many aspects of their life alongside their intensive training programme.

Only if you have some form of analytical, quantifiable, indisputable evidence can a fully considered, collaborative decision be taken.

This is why it is critical there is a quantifiable measure.

Routine and specialist blood screening provides an analytical report of the athlete’s body chemistry allowing the correct diagnosis to be made.

• Proper blood pH will enhance athletic performance
• Proper blood pH will enhance training and recovery
• Athletes need maximum energy to live a life separate to their training regime

Routine and specialist blood screening enables the integrated team to minimise potential concerns, conflicts and distractions, all of which can be detrimental to performance and, at worst, may end a sporting career prematurely.

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