How do you gain a quantitative insight into the nutritional state of the body?
How do you know whether you should eat like a Lion or a Monkey?
Planning whether you should eat like a Lion (high protein and fat) or a Monkey (lower fat and higher carbs) is key to enhancing your athletic performance. The value of analytical results with the appropriate interpretation enable the profile of an athlete’s blood to provide specific insights into their body’s chemistry and its access to the nutrients ingested.

Even though athletes perform at the highest level and establish a good nutritional balance, when it comes down to trying for performance improvement through diet change, without the supporting analytical data, it becomes nothing more than a subjective judgement.
Blood testing can provide extensive information, far beyond the more usual “cholesterol, sodium and protein” content of plasma.

Each individual’s body is unique in how it processes it’s energy and nutritional needs
Significant gaps in an athlete’s diet, highlighting the need for some vital dietary changes and/or the addition of some supplements, can go unnoticed. While basic blood testing can provide quantitative results of plasma cholesterol, minerals and overall protein content, and as such provide a general indicator of health, these basic tests can be significantly lacking in breadth and depth.

Additionally, testing only plasma (whole blood) means that the snapshot of data can be significantly affected by recent meals, stress and training, compared with erythrocytes (red blood cells) that carry with them nutritional information from a 3-month window.

Only individualised testing can provide results which are able to provide a basis for custom supplementation or diet change. Providing an accurate diagnosis of the relevant nutritional supplements required to assist with the athlete’s overall and performance nutrition requirements.

Spire Sports Pathology provide the latest high-tech and exhaustive performance nutrition testing. Broken down into multiple categories, advanced testing can pinpoint individual deficiencies, immunogenecity to dozens of substances; toxic loading, individual amino acid content, bacterial profile, etc., through the combined use of blood (plasma) and red blood cells (erythrocytes).

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