How Sports Pathology Works

High Performance Sport Haematology Service

Blood provides an insight into what is really going on at a cellular level. Whether it is diagnostics of nutrition and diet, general health or injury - blood can reveal information from a 3 month window.

Athletes strive to be the best they can be, clubs work at developing a winning team performance, and  the slight edge that both seek can be found in the blood.

Here's how you can take advantage of this sports science and the expert help available:

  1. Call and speak with a member of the Spire Sports Pathology team
    They will arrange for a no obligation consultation to establish your precise requirements.
  2.  Download the Free Blood Screening Selection Table
    This can be found at the top right of this page and providing the details required will enable you to receive instant access to our online e-brochure.
  3. You will have a choice of standard High Performance Sport Haematology packages
    If you would like to discuss having bespoke package created for your specific requirements then we will meet, discuss your needs and provide a confidential service.
  4. The tests are conducted and your results uploaded to your secure, confidential e-Spire Portal page
    The name of the individual is not required a simple code can be used to ensure complete annonimity and confidentiality. The resulst build up to provide a historic profile of the athlete. 

It really is that simple

Wherever we can we tailor a package to suit your specific circumstances

For example, If you are a club where multiple test need to be taken a Spire Sports Phlebotomist canvisit your club to a pre-agreed schedule, normally four times per year, to take blood from the whole squad. Additional player testing is also available throughout the year if needed, all you need to do is request a visit from our phlebotomist or have your team doctor take the sample and send this to us.

Specialist testing services

Access to thousands of different diagnostic tests via our network of specialist laboratories helps to ensure that our clients get a comprehensive, cost effective and highly professional service. We work in conjunction with Perform for Sport and as a result have unrivaled expertise in understanding sports fitness, injury and illness prevention. 

What can a profile blood test reveal?

There is a lot that can be understood from the analysis of blood, working with our expert High Performance Sport Haematology Service will enable you to create your own bespoke profiles.

  • Omega 3 levels
  • Omega 6 levels
  • Total Antioxidant Status
  • Ferritin
  • C-Reactive Profile
  • HDL Cholesterol
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • Vitamin B9 (Red Cell Folate)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Mineral Screen
    -  Calcium
    -  Magnesium
    -  Zinc
    -  Iron
    - Copper
    - Chromium
    - Manganese
  • Full Blood Count and 5 part Differential
    - Haemoglobin (Anaemia)
    - White Cell Count
    - Eosinophils
    - Monocytes
  • ESR (level of inflammation)
  • Biochemistry Profile
    - Sodium
    - Potassium
    - Chloride
    - Bicarbonate
    - Urea (Kidney function)
    - Creatinine (Kidney function)
    - Bilirubin (Jaundice)
    - Alkaline Phosphatase
    - AST (Liver enzyme)
    - ALT (Liver Enzyme)
    - Gamma GT (Liver enzyme for alcohol)
    - Total Protein
    - Albumin
    - Globulin
    - Calcium (Bone function)
    - Phosphate (Bone function)
    - Uric Acid (Gout)
  • Glucose (Diabetes).


Quality Management

Spire Sports Pathology Services is committed to providing only the best service for our customers and has now grown to be one of the largest providers of sports pathology in the UK.

Strict internal and external quality assurance underpins the integrity of our service

Our laboratories cover every discipline of laboratory medicine and they are all accredited by the Clinical Pathology Accreditation body CPA.

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