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Step-by-step guide

  • Step 1.     

    PiC sends the successful candidate a job offer letter and Immunisation & Infectious Disease History form to be completed by the candidate and validated by their GP or Occupational Health Department. If GP will charge for this then Santia will accept a print out of vaccination record from the GP Surgery instead, as long as it is attached to the form, which has been signed or stamped by the GP.

    Step 2.

    Completed Immunisation & Infectious Disease History is returned to Santia by the candidate. 

    Step 3.

    Santia occupational health nurse checks the Immunisation & Infectious Disease History within 2 working days.

    Step 4. 

    If the form is incomplete or not validated the form is returned to the candidate with a compliments slip and explanation of what is expected of them.

    Step 5.

    If  the employee's vaccinations are up to date Santia send e-mail to PiC  to confirm the employee's vaccination history.

    Step 6.

    If vaccinations are not up to date: Santia send a Spire Laboratory Form together with a address detail of Spire hospitals to PiC who then forward it to the candiate to advise them to arrange an appointment at a Spire Hospital for a blood test. Candidates can also go online to www.spirehealthcare/pic for location and contact details of all the Spire sites.

    Step 7.

    The candidate then needs to contact the outpatients department to book an appointment for their blood test. They need to tell the hospital this is a PiC blood test and will not be charged by the hospital.

    Important: the candidate cannot have their blood test at the Spire hospital unless they have the correct documents with them for the appointment:

    • Spire Pathology services & PiC referral letter
    • The enclosed pathology request form
    • A form of photo ID - passport, driving licence etc

    Step 8.

    Spire Pathology Services will send the blood test result to Santia for the Occupational health nurses to review within 2 working days

    Step 9.

    Santia will e-mail PiC of the status of the results.

    Step 10.

    PiC will then confirm to the candidate if all is OK, and inform of a start date (if all other checks are completed). 

    If test results are showing outstanding vaccinations are required:

    Step 11.

    the candidate will be sent a pack with Santia locations to have the vaccinations carried out . A job offer will not be completed until PiC receive full vaccination confirmation from Santia.

    Step 12.

    Candidate sends to Santia the signed vaccination record for employee record.

    Step 13.

    Santia send PiC confirmation letter of vaccine status.

    Step 14.

    PiC inform the candidate of start date.

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