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Paralympic team captain, David Clarke opens newly extended Spire Pathology Services facility at Centennial Park, Bushey

  • 30 January 2013

    On 24 January, David Clarke, captain of the Team GB 5-a-side football squad at the London 2012 Paralympic Games opened the recently extended Spire Pathology Services facility in Centennial Park Elstree.

    It is estimated 70-80 per cent of all health care decisions affecting diagnosis or treatment involve a pathology investigation, and this is likely to increase as our nation lives longer and new medical advancements improve the management of chronic, long-term illnesses. As 1 April approaches and budgetary control transfers from PCTs to CCGs, pathology has been identified as a key area where the NHS can save money. In preparation for this and to serve the need to deliver an efficient, fast, accurate and continually innovative service, Spire has been focusing on its pathology services and their delivery via its UK-wide network of 21 labs.

    Spire Pathology Services operates one of the largest networks of independent pathology laboratories in and across the UK. Not only does it support the 38 Spire hospitals and clinics but also a range of third party, independent clients including the NHS.

    David Clarke states: “Pathology is a vital part of so many paralympians lives. We have to keep at optimal fitness and health to be able to compete on the world-stage of sporting events. I know many athletes who rely on results from multiple tests to help keep them not just fit but able to compete for their nation, one of the greatest privileges of all for an athlete.”

    David captained Britain’s Football five-a-side team at the London Olympics. This amazing sport is played by blind and visually impaired athletes who all wear eye shades to ensure all players compete with the same amount of vision, effectively none at all. David has played in five World Cups and eight European championships, winning five golden boots and he also competed at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. In his career, David has played 144 times scoring 128 goals.

    Spire Pathology Services were delighted to have been chosen to provide on and off-site pathology services for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Dr Laurence Gant, Clinical Lead for Polyclinic Services at the Games said ”The essence of good Games’ healthcare is speed and accuracy; it is not just about clinical necessity but also competition necessity. When an athlete has trained for four years for their one shot at a medal, being able to give them an accurate assessment of illness and its likely effect on performance is essential.’ Over the period of the Games we cared for some 15 000 athletes from over 200 countries to help ensure that they had the opportunity to perform at their best
    for both themselves and the eyes of the world.

    ‘Spire has been at the core of delivering this, providing on and off site laboratory services to both the Olympics and Paralympics. Their response has been amazing in its speed, accuracy, reliability and flexibility all put in place by a highly motivated set of staff that have been a joy to work with’.

    ‘There is no doubt that Spire has made a significant contribution not just to the health of the Olympians and Paralympians but also to their medal winning’.”

    The investment has enabled Spire Pathology to substantially increase the range and type of equipment in its national reference laboratory, resulting in a greater range of analyses performed within the network and significantly reduced turnaround times for results and a higher quality if service. The facility will support on-going plans for expansion over the next 12 to 18 months.

    In addition, the facility now has a dedicated consultant pathologist reporting room, as well as a customer service office and a conference facility.

    Dr Fergus Macpherson, Director of Spire Pathology Services stated: “The opening of the extended facility at Centennial Park is the final achievement of a fantastic year for Spire Pathology Services in 2012. Other highlights, in addition to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games include the opening of a new laboratory at Spire Healthcare’s newest hospital, The Montefiore Hospital in Brighton and an unprecedented volume growth right across our business. The Centennial Park development is key to the continued growth and development of our business.”

    According to The Carter Report 2006 – Report of the Review of NHS Pathology Services in England, an independent review for the Department of Health

David Clarke opens Spire Pathology Services facility in Bushey

L-R CEO of Spire Healthcare Rob Roger, Director of Spire Pathology Services Dr Fergus Macpherson and Paralympian David Clarke with his guide dog Ned

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