Sperm donation with Spire Fertility

Donating sperm can help the dream of parenthood for many individuals and couples. For some people the use of sperm, eggs or embryos donated by others is their only hope of achieving a pregnancy and ultimately a family. Unfortunately there is a shortage of sperm donors in the UK.

The donation of sperm to help others have a child is one of the most generous gifts anyone can give.

Am I a suitable sperm donor?

In order to become a sperm donor for Spire Fertility, you need to be:

  • Aged between 18 – 40 years
  • In excellent health, and not at high risk of any sexually transmitted diseases
  • Able to make an eight month commitment
  • Able to make weekly visits to the Spire Shawfair Park Hospital in Edinburgh
  • Able to provide general information about your biological familyʹs medical history
  • Willing to undergo screening tests
  • You can be from any ethnic group

All donors are compensated for their expenses up to a maximum of £750 per donation cycle. Sperm donated through our clinics must also be screened for certain medical conditions that could be passed on and for sexually transmitted diseases. This helps to ensure that babies born from donated sperm are healthy, and that there are no risks to the woman who receives them. As these tests may reveal information about your own health or fertility, you should consider the implications of this before you go ahead. It is often helpful to discuss this with staff at the clinic. Read more about the steps required to become a sperm donor.

Sperm donor identification

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) requires all gamete donors to provide identifying information. In 2005, the laws around donor information access changed. The law change meant that those who donated sperm or eggs after 1st April 2005 are indentifiable to children born as a result of their donation, once the child is 18 years old. This information will therefore enable the HFEA to inform a donor in the future of any enquiries made by a child that has been born following a donation. The HFEA will not disclose any information to the child, without first contacting the donor. If you decide to become a donor you are required to complete a consent form which enables the HFEA to record your details in their database.

What do I do next if I want to donate sperm?

If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor, you can read more about the sperm donation process.

All visits must be pre‐booked. You do not get paid for the first visit/consultation, as the purpose of this visit is to confirm if you are suitable for the programme.

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