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Mr Georges Adrien Shun-Shin
MBBS (London) FRCOphth DO

  • Mr Georges Adrien Shun-Shin is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Wolverhampton and Midland Counties Eye Infirmary and the Manor Hospital, Walsall., since his appointment in 1994. Adrien Shun-Shin was born in Mauritius and won a scholarship to study medicine at Guy’s Hospital, London. He spent 4 years as a research fellow at the University of Oxford where he conducted research into cataract and helped establish the first day case cataract surgery unit in England. Subsequently, he was a clinical lecturer in Ophthalmology at the Oxford Eye Hospital for another 4 years.

    He is presently conducting research into squints and is involved in clinical trials to treat dry eyes. He has a major interest in the management and treatment of eye problems in children. He has expertise in dealing with squints in both adults and children and has performed over 2,000 operations for squint.

    He was the first eye surgeon in the UK to perform endoscopic DCR, a minimally invasive surgery to cure watery eyes. The advantage over conventional DCR is that there is no external scar and the recovery period is faster. He has performed several hundred endoscopic DCR’s.

    Specialist Interests: Child and adult squint; Paediatric Ophthalmology; Watery eye; Cataract surgery

Mr Georges Adrien Shun-Shin
Spire Little Aston Hospital

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