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Frequently Asked Questions

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    General questions

    How do I make an appointment with The Shoulder Clinic?

    If you have private medical insurance or you are self-funding, you usually will need a referral from your GP. Once you have this simply call 01905 362 212 if you are insured, or 01905 362 252 if you are paying for your treatment, or email info@spiresouthbank.com.

    When should I seek treatment or an opinion for my shoulder problem?

    If you are concerned about a shoulder problem, someone is always available to help and advise. If it’s a result of an injury we suggest seeking advise straight away or if you have a problem with no sign of improvement after a couple of weeks we suggest you book an appointment.

    Will my insurance cover me?

    Our charges are within the approved guidelines within most reputable insurance companies – if in doubt a written quotation can be provided.

    Can I come to see a physiotherapist first without seeing a consultant?

    Yes.  If you are insured a referral letter from your GP is required, otherwise if you are self-funding you can call to make an appointment at your earliest convenience for an assessment by calling 01905 362212.

    What exercises am I best to do if I have shoulder pain or am due to have a shoulder operation?

    If you have shoulder pain exercises may help you, however, a thorough assessment is required by a physiotherapist first to establish a diagnosis and see whether exercise therapy is the right plan for you.

    What day does the Shoulder Clinic run?

    The Shoulder Clinic usually runs on a Friday afternoon at Spire South Bank Hospital, Worcester.

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  • Post-operative questions

    How much pain will I be in?

    After surgery your pain should be well controlled with medication given to you on the ward.  Some discomfort is usual and your exercise and activity levels must always be dictated by your comfort levels.  Shoulders are very irritable joints and therefore exercise should be guided by your physiotherapist.  Seek advice if your pain does not allow you to exercise post operatively.

    Do I have to wear a sling after my operation?  If so, how long for?

    This depends on the type of surgery you have.  Sometimes the advice after the operation is to immobilise the joint and sometimes it is to move it as soon as possible.  This is decided upon in the operating theatre and will be communicated to you post operatively by the consultant and the physiotherapist.

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