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Exercise of the Week

  • The Shoulder Clinic, Spire South Bank Hospital, Worcester, Shoulder Problems, Shoulder Injury, Shoulder Pain

    This week's exercise is the Pulley Exercise



    Pulley Exercise, Shoulder Exercise, Spire South Bank Hospital, Worcester, Rehabilitation, Post-surgery exercises, Mr David Robinson, The Shoulder Clinic



    Pulley Exercise, Shoulder Rehabilitation, Shoulder Exercises, The Shoulder Clinic, Spire South Bank Hospital, Worcester, Bone and Joint Clinic, Mr David Robinson,





    Hold the pulley handles in each hand and use the unaffected arm to move the affected arm upwards within a comfortable range.










    You should feel a stretch sensation in your shoulder.


    Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and repeat 4 times, every 2-3 hours.


If you have any questions regarding your rehabilitation exercises, please call our Physiotherapy Department on 01905 362 212 where one of our physiotherapists will advise you.




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