Mr Guy Sterne, Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon


Your cosmetic surgery consultation

The consultation is perhaps the most important aspect of cosmetic surgery. It is very important that you get an honest, informed opinion on whether or not cosmetic surgery can achieve your expectations. You as a patient will have certain expectations of what you want to achieve from surgery and you should express your expectations as clearly as possible. I as a surgeon have to identify what I can and cannot achieve with surgery, and I shall try to explain this to you as clearly as possible. Ideally your expectations and my anticipated outcomes will be very similar.

There are several stages to the consultation:

Medical History
Initially I shall then take a full medical history of your previous health problems, current medication, known allergies, smoking and alcohol intake etc to ensure that it is safe to undertake surgery. This will include discussing exactly why you want surgery and what it is that you wish to achieve.

Clinical examination
I shall then undertake a careful examination to identify what needs to be done surgically in order to achieve your goals.

I will then take a series of photographs. The purpose of this is to record the preoperative appearance and also I shall use these photographs for planning purposes.

We will then discuss the operation and the expected recovery period at some length. We will also discuss the possible complications and the risk of developing a complication. Finally I will give you a realistic assessment of the likely results of surgery.

Booking your procedure

After the consultation I shall write a detailed letter, to both you and your family doctor, explaining what was discussed at consultation. You will also receive an information pack from the hospital and a formal quotation for the proposed surgery.

There must be an initial “cooling off” period of 2 weeks from the date of consultation before you can undergo surgery. This period is important to allow you to consider what was said and to change your mind if necessary. Also, if you think of other questions which you would like to ask before making up your mind, you may arrange a second consultation which is £100.

You may therefore either book a date for surgery at the end of the consultation, or you may prefer to wait for the information pack before deciding upon a date for surgery which is most convenient for yourself.

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