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One Stitch Facelift - Miss Anne Dancey, Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon

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As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun and the stresses of daily life start to become apparent on the face and neck. A one stitch face-lift is a surgical procedure performed to improve the most visible signs of the ageing process. It will remove any sagging skin and can be combined with liposuction to remove fatty deposits on the neck.

I perform several different types of facelift, but this is the most simple with the least potential for complications and minimal recovery time. I have been performing them for 3 years now and have found that they are becoming increasingly popular. This type of facelift gives a very natural result which is mainly suited to people who have minimal to moderate skin laxity.

It is a local anaesthetic procedure, where excess skin is excised from above the ear. It will tighten the face and can also address the neck, although it will not give significant neck tightening if there is severe sagging. For maximum result it may need to be combined with liposuction of the neck. This can also be done under local anaesthetic and only takes an additional10 minutes.

The scar is just at the edge of the hairline directly above the ear and is only about 2 cm long. The procedure takes 30 minutes to perform and you can go home the same day and return to work the same or next day.The scar is closed with dissolvable sutures and is easily hidden by the hair (if it is not very short!). There is minimal risk of damaging nerves and little bruising. You are likely to need the procedure repeating on a 1-2 year basis. For the first year you may need this repeating at 6 months (this will be included in the price). This is because there needs to be a thin layer of scar tissue to provide the strength and longevity of the lift. It takes one go to form this deep scar layer which makes the facelift last for increasing lengths of time.

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