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Lin Copland

  • Psychological Therapist

    Lin has a general nursing background and has always had an interest in what makes people tick. She started her psychotherapy training in 1992. She has worked as an Eating Disorders Therapist for 11 years for the Priory Group, working with a range of eating disorders. More recently Lin has trained as a cognitive analytic practitioner which helps to focus on how our own behaviours can be self-sabotaging and offers individuals an opportunity to change.

    Lin believes that people with eating disorders use food (or deny themselves it) to cope with difficulties. She is interested in what maintains the problem and therefore helps the individual to make sustainable changes in their lives, which improve the quality of their well-being.

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Lins tip...

“My tip for success on the program is to remember that you are responsible for making the changes in your lifestyle around eating, exercise and looking after your well-being. If you prioritise the changes in your life you will reap the rewards. It is never too late to change.”

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