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Remote monitoring and follow up for patients with cardiac devices

  • Here at Spire Southampton Hospital, Hampshire we offer remote monitoring and follow-up services for patients who have had a cardiac (heart) device implanted such as a loop recorder, pacemaker and implantable defibrillator. This technology allows us to monitor and follow-up a cardiac device from the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

    Data from the device is collected and then sent from a monitor connected to a standard telephone line. The data is then stored securely in the UK and can be accessed via a secure website by your clinical team. 

    What it means to be monitored remotely with a cardiac device

    The remote network we use is secure, encrypted and protected by username and password for use by authorized clinical personnel only.

    What are the benefits of remote monitoring and follow-up?

    • Reduced cost and time in travelling to hospital for routine and non-routine device follow-up.  Standard device follow-up is performed in outpatients and requires a patient to travel to the hospital to see the clinical team in person.
    • Increased patient safety – abnormal data measured by the device can be sent to alert the clinical team that there may be a potential issue with the device.  Patients feel more reassured when they know they are being monitored remotely and more frequently.
    • Increased diagnostic capabilities – remote monitoring allows more data exchange between the patient and hospital that may indicate heart rhythm abnormalities that could lead to stroke and detect early signs of heart failure.

    Currently insurers do not fund this service and so for now is provided on a self-pay arrangement. 

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