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Infection Control

  • Quality assurance is an on-going process at Spire Southampton Hospital. Regular audits are carried out to help ensure good practise is maintained. This is reflected in the recognition we have received from regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission.

    We believe patients and their GPs should be able to to make informed choices when it comes to something as important as their health. In 2006 Spire was the first private hospital group to publish clinical performance and health improvement measures together on our website, including information on MRSA bacteraemia infection and Clostridium Difficile infection and we continue to provide this information today.

    Key factors in maintaing our high standards include:

    • Appropriate use if antibiotics
    • All rooms are single occupancy with en-suite facilities
    • We train all staff in exceptional hand hygiene
    • We screen all patients for MRSA prior to admission
    • We employ our own cleaners, not a contractor
    • Some of our theatres at Spire Southampton Hospital have a laminar air flow system to minimise the risk of infection
    • We have an infection control lead nurse who is responsible for ensuring that all policies and procedures are adhered to

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