THD treatment for haemorrhoids

Spire Roding Hospital offers the THD method for the treatment of haemorrhoids (or piles) to patients from Essex, East London and beyond, in a clean and comfortable private hospital environment.

The THD procedure is performed in an area where no nerve endings are found, thus eliminating the pain normally associated with conventional surgical methods. The method revolutionizes the usual surgical approach and ensures a minimum level of invasiveness and stress for patients.

Operations performed with the THD method are minimally invasive, since they do not imply any excision of tissue.  

The THD method of haemorrhoid removal is performed at Spire Roding Hospital by a Consultant General Surgeon with specialist experience and equipment, which allows them to identify the areas in which the procedure needs to be performed. It is often the appropriate method of treatment for both easy and complex cases of haemorrhoids - your consultant will discuss with you whether the necessary conditions to perform this procedure are met.

After having the THD procedure, most patients feel little or no pain in the post-operative period. They can feel a little uncomfortable at first, but this feeling gradually disappears after a few days and can be kept under control by taking ordinary painkillers. No serious complications usually arise - slight bleeding may occur, which normally ceases after a few hours. Patients may also feel an urgent need to defecate: this is a temporary condition too, since it is associated with the repair of the prolapse. In most cases, the THD method can be considered a permanent solution to haemorrhoids, since relapses are very rare.

After some discomfort in the first 24-48 hours after the surgery, patients can usually resume their normal activities, since there are no open wounds and no dressings to change.

Your own consultant will discuss with you the procedures and options for which you are suitable, to allow you to make an informed decision.

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Treatment by expert surgeons

At Spire Roding, the THD operation is performed by  a number of Consultant Colorectal Surgeons:

Mr Shafi Ahmed

Mr Pasquale Giordano

Mr Michael Machesney

Mr Hitesh Patel

Mr Amit Sinha

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