Latest operating theatre technology now available at Spire Roding Hospital

August 2011

Spire Roding Hospital in Redbridge, Essex, has recently opened a brand new, state-of-the-art operating theatre - the Stryker i-Suite. The new theatre suite enables the hospital to offer consultants and patients the very best, and the very latest, in digital surgical technology. Features of the operating theatre include touch screen capability, instant access to images, voice activation, high definition pictures and video capture, which can be played back to the patient post-operatively to help explain the procedure.

Spire Roding's brand new digital theatre suite in Essex

The new suite becomes the 4th operating theatre at the private hospital, and is the latest development in a £2 million programme of investment, which has been ongoing for the last 2 years.

Andy Wood, Hospital Director at Spire Roding says, “We are delighted that our superb new digital theatre is now up and running. We are just one of few private hospitals in the country with such equipment. All of the components of the theatre system are fully integrated and designed to make carrying out surgery easier for our surgeons.”

“The development is great news for Roding Hospital, and for both our patients and consultants, as around 60% of surgical cases are undertaken using minimally invasive, laparoscopic techniques.”

Spire Roding’s new theatre has been built in full partnership with Stryker communications, the world’s most established provider of integrated theatres. Their theatres represent the future of theatre design and technology with HD 1080p cameras, ceiling mounted HD monitors and equipment arms, DVD recording, LED theatre lights and even voice control of equipment.

Since pioneering the first digital operating theatre almost 20 years ago, the Stryker i-Suite has become world’s most popular solution to the challenge of improving patient safety and strengthening healthcare outcomes in key-hole surgery, through integrating emerging technologies into a sophisticated and ergonomic workflow.

The excellent new theatre technology at Spire Roding Hospital is beneficial to both surgeon and patient. For the surgeon, the technology extends and improves the range of surgical techniques available at the hospital. For example, during keyhole surgery, images can be captured in HD and beamed to large monitors, which can be repositioned to ensure that they are in best line of sight of the surgeons. This potentially improves the ability of the operating surgeon to see, diagnose and react during surgical procedures.

The new theatre also broadens the range of surgical procedures available to the patient at Spire Roding Hospital, in that the theatre ‘environment’ can be preset with a simple press of a button to accommodate virtually all forms of both ‘open’ and ‘laparoscopic’ (minimally invasive) surgery, ranging from orthopaedic to hernia surgery, urological, gynaecological and cosmetic surgery.  

Theatre staff benefit too, as the equipment is neatly stored off the ground on movable arms making it easier and safer for staff to thoroughly clean and 'turn around' the theatre ready for the next patient.

The Stryker i-Suite equipment at Spire Roding Hospital also creates a revolution in surgical teaching and training by enabling global broadcast transmission from the operating theatre (with the patient’s permission) to any location in the world.

The new theatre suite has quickly found favour with Spire Roding’s expert consultant surgeons. Mr Aman Bhargava, a Consultant General Surgeon who performs many operations at the hospital such as gall bladder removal, anti-reflux and hernia repair operations says, “The new theatre has been equipped with minimal access/laparoscopic surgical equipment and is designed to enable a surgeon like myself to work in an environment which is built for purpose with HD technology. The wide screens enable surgeons and their assistants to see clearly, so that surgery can be performed in an accurate and most efficient way.”

Mr Bhargava continues, "Set up time is now much shorter, enabling operations to be carried out more rapidly; the quality of the equipment enables more accurate and effective surgery with minimal fuss and a delightful environment for staff and surgeon alike. The integration enables settings for the patient for laparoscopic surgery by voice command or by a remote panel including lighting, pressure flows and positioning of screens gives the best ergonomics and comfort for the surgeon. I feel comfortable with performing more complex laparoscopic procedures at Spire Roding Hospital, as the reliability of the equipment and safety of the patient is better than ever.”

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