Successful Fertility Treatment at the Spire Regency Hospital


A 36 year old woman from Cheshire who received treatment from the fertility clinic at Spire Regency Hospital shares her experiences of the care and treatment she received.

We married in 2008 and were delighted when I quickly became pregnant. We had our son in 2009 who grew in to a gregarious and fun-loving toddler. It seemed natural we should try for another and expevted things to go as smoothly. However, it was not to be. We tried for a year then became concerned so approached our GP. Blood test after blood test and a referral followed. Using the NHS 'Choose and Book' system, I selected a hospital relatively close by with the shortest waiting time. That waiting time was 2 months. When the appointment came through, I went full of nerves and expectation.  The outcome was a prescription of a fertility drug designed to stimulate ovulation which required a series of appointments and further tests.

It was an extremely frustrating experience. There were very few staff and they seemed over-stretched. Because of long waiting times, the inability to make contact and the difficulty in making appointments, I became more and more anxious. In short, the drug was not to work for me and it took 12 months before the possibility of moving to a different treatment was discussed.

After contacting three different providers, I approached Spire Regency Hospital due to its location, the services they had available and its reputation. The difference became apparent immediately - the communication I had with Spire Regency was far more helpful, understanding and personal. After the initial consulatation with Mr Edmond Edi-Osagie, I felt more relaxed and was confident I was receiving the right advice for my individual situation. We decided to proceed with a course of hormone injections to stimulate ovulation.

The level of service continued to be excellent. I was able to contact the hospital at any point day or night and even though, at times, I knew I was perhaps being over anxious, they always had time for me and I was never ever made to feel a nuisance. They gave their time and patience generously and willingly. I would say that the experience of fertility treatment is never easy, and is not without its ups and downs. But, with Spire Regency's expertise, service and emotional support, it made it a less lonely one for me.

Fantastic news followed. I became pregnant less than a year after starting treatment with Spire Regency Hospital. Even after conception, their interest and support continued. In May I gave birth to our beautiful, healthy and precious baby girl. Our family feels complete.

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