New treatment at Spire Regency offers relief from finger complaint without surgery

A Macclesfield woman has solved a frustrating finger complaint without having to undergo surgery thanks to a pioneering treatment now available at Spire Regency Hospital.

I would definitely recommend the Xiapex treatment to others suffering from Dupytrens

Christine was suffering from Dupuytren’s contracture in her right hand, which was causing her little finger to curl back on itself. She described the complaint as a ‘nuisance’ – particularly during the cold weather when wearing gloves was almost impossible.

She wanted something done to solve the problem – which is caused by extra tissue forming in the palm of the hand and along the finger which then contracts, causing the finger to curl up - and also to ensure it didn’t become any worse.

In the past the only relief from Dupuytren’s involved surgery to remove the excess tissue. But having undergone surgery on her right hand several times in the past for various other complaints, she was reluctant to undergo another operation.

It meant Christine was delighted when Spire Regency Hospital put forward a new non-surgical treatment called Xiapex – which involves injecting into the affected area to ‘break down’ the tissue.

It works only on excess tissue and not anywhere else in the hand, and within 24 hours the finger can then be ‘manipulated’ back into shape by the surgeon under local anaesthetic.

Mr Jochen Fischer, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Spire Regency Hospital who performs the treatment, said there were many benefits. “This procedure is far less invasive, involving only a local rather than a general anaesthetic. It is also a fairly painless treatment which can be done within 10 or 15 minutes during two out-patients appointments."

Whereas with the traditional surgery a patient could be waiting a week to 10 days for the wound to heal, with the Xiapex they can see and feel the difference within 24 hours. “There is also less follow-up treatment with this method. Overall, it is a far less complicated procedure.”

Christine said: “I’ve had quite a few operations on my right hand in the past for various reasons and I really didn’t want to have another one. I also wanted to get back to normal as quickly as possible so this treatment really appealed to me, particularly because without surgery there was less risk of complications like developing an injection or a wound failing to heal properly.

“The treatment was so simple – I didn’t have to stay in hospital, I just turned up on two consecutive days and it was over and done with very quickly. And it works! My little finger is now in line with the others – after 12 months of ‘putting up with’ how it was, it’s a great relief to have it sorted. I just keep thinking I should have done something sooner! I would definitely recommend the Xiapex treatment to others suffering from Dupytren’s.”

Spire Regency Hospital is the only place in the Macclesfield area offering the pioneering treatment, since it is not routinely available on the NHS.

Mr Fischer added: “This treatment is a big advance in the treatment of Dupuytren’s. I’m really happy to be able to offer patients a less complicated way of dealing with what can be a very frustrating complaint.”

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Christine's finger pre treatment with Xiapex

Christine's finger post treatment with Xiapex

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