CartiFill™ – for articular cartilage defects

You may have been deemed suitable to receive this treatment because you may have been diagnosed with an articular defect in the joint.

Why you might need it

In the human body articular cartilage can be found at the joints between bones; for example the knee and ankle joints. Articular cartilage provides a resilient and cushioning surface for the bones in joints, and it also provides a low-friction surface to enable free movement of the joint.

Cartilage can become damaged for a variety of reasons including a bad fall, a traumatic sports accident, previous knee injuries or general wear and tear. The body’s natural healing process to regenerate damaged articular cartilage is slow because the cartilage does not have a blood supply which is essential to regenerate tissue.

The benefit of using CartiFill™ is to help accelerate the natural healing process and the recovery period is therefore shorter.

CartiFill™ is an advanced regenerative medical device that provides a safe and effective treatment for articular cartilage repair. Often CartiFill™ will be used alongside other techniques that are already commonly used to repair articular cartilage.


The minimally-invasive procedure can be carried out as a day case, with a recovery time of up to six weeks. Alternative treatments involve at least three days in hospital and a minimum eight-week recovery.

A rehabilitation programme is hugely important for regenerating healthy cartilage. Your surgeon will plan an appropriate rehabilitation programme for you after the surgery.

What are the risks involved with CartiFill?

Your surgeon or anaesthetist will explain possible risks associated with surgical procedures. Any specific risks that may be applicable to you because of your medical history and current medical status will also be considered and discussed.

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Mr Tahir Mahmud

Performs the Cartifill treatment here at Spire Regency Hospital

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