Spire Regency Hospital welcomes leading ‘lifespan gynaecologist’

September 2012

A gynaecologist with the skills and expertise to treat a patient across her lifetime has joined the team at Macclesfield’s prestigious Spire Regency Hospital.

The appointment of Dr Gail Busby (MBBS, MRCOG) is an exciting coup for the hospital as she is one of only two consultants in the North West who can treat women with gynaecology issues from birth through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.

In this role as a ‘lifespan gynaecologist’ Dr Busby can help women manage problems which affect them in varying ways at different stages in their lives. The unique position can also result in women being more reliably informed from an earlier age about issues which could affect important decisions later in life, such as when and how to have children.

Dr Busby, who also practices gynaecology on the NHS at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester where she treats patients from across the North West, said the specialised field of paediatric gynaecology was still a relatively new area.

She said: “The conditions can be different, the issues are different, and the treatments are different when you are dealing with children and adolescents.

“There became a realisation in general gynaecology that there needed to be specialised training in dealing with girls of a younger age and that is what happened.”

Common problems in younger women which Dr Busby treats include issues with irregular, heavy or missed periods; problems with ovarian function; and congenital abnormalities of the womb and lower genital tract.

She said helping young women overcome problems which have been blighting their lives was very rewarding.

Dr Busby explained: “For example, we have to take into consideration that a girl who is suffering from extremely heavy periods every month is missing a lot of school, and understand the impact losing two or three days every month is having on her educational achievements.

“If we can treat that and make sure she isn’t missing any lessons, that she feels comfortable taking part in PE, can go swimming, and do all the other things her peers are doing, then that makes a huge difference to her life.”

She added that problems at a younger age can go on to cause further gynaecological and fertility issues later in life.

Dr Busby, who qualified as a doctor in 1996 and became a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2002, explained: “There are several conditions which begin in adolescence and continue to exist throughout a woman’s reproductive lifespan.
“For example, polycystic ovaries in younger women cause irregular periods, which later in life can present fertility issues, or an abnormality in the womb or uterus discovered as a child could go on to cause miscarriage or early labour if she later became pregnant.

“Knowing about and understanding a condition earlier allows any subsequent problems to be more effectively managed, and often means there are fewer surprises in store. They are more educated and informed about the options open to them.”

Dr Busby – a mum-of-two who lives in Wilmslow – said maintaining relationships with patients through the transition from childhood into adolescence and onto adulthood also helped build trust and confidence, particularly when dealing with such intimate issues.

“My patients appreciate it’s me they’re seeing as a child, and me they’re coming to as an adult,” she said.

“They’re not having to go through it all over again or get to know someone new.”

The 40-year-old said she was thrilled to have joined the team at Spire Regency Hospital and added: “I look forward to welcoming females of all ages and stages throughout their lives.”

Patients can arrange to see Dr Busby for any gynaecological problems through GP referrals or private medical insurance.

Dr Busby also belongs to North West Gynaecology - a group of high level medical consultants that provide consultation and treatment of gynaecological issues including infertility and assisted conception, complex endometriosis, miscarriage, chronic pelvic pain, cancer and paediatric gynaecology problems.

For more information about Dr Busby’s services at Spire Regency or to make an appointment contact Customer Services on 01625 505412/505406 or e-mail cservice-re@spirehealthcare.com


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Dr Gail Busby

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