Mark waves goodbye to frustrating finger complaint

September 2012

A businessman who lived with a frustrating finger complaint which made everyday tasks increasingly difficult is back on track following a procedure at Spire Regency Hospital in Macclesfield.

Mark Crook was first diagnosed with Dupuytren’s Contracture – a common disorder which causes the fingers to bend into the palm of the hand – following a visit to his GP around 10 years ago.

The condition is caused by the growth of benign nodules of tissue within the connective tissues of the palm. Over time, these nodules can shorten, making it difficult to extend the finger fully and causing it to become fixed in a bent position.

Back then, Mark decided his symptoms were minor and he could manage the problem without treatment – although he was advised that should the situation deteriorate, as often happens with the condition, a procedure could be carried out to straighten it.

By autumn last year the self-employed management consultant had become increasingly frustrated with his crooked finger, which was now sticking out at a right angle to his left hand. He decided to go back to his doctor to ask for the operation.

Mark, from Poynton, said: “It had become very awkward.

“Everyday things like tying my shoelaces had become difficult and I would knock things over with my left hand because my finger was always there when it shouldn’t have been. Luckily it wasn’t on my right hand – if that had been affected I would have taken action much sooner because it is my writing hand.”

When his appointment didn’t come through on the NHS within the 18 week window, Mark was referred to the Spire Regency Hospital for the operation in March.  The procedure  involved was a  Dermofasciectomy – where the connective tissue is cut to relieve tension and skin grafting to stop it from coming back.

"Being referred to the Regency was the best outcome,” Mark said.

“My consultant, Mr Mohammed Waseem, was friendly, professional and he did an excellent job. The Spire Regency is warm and friendly and I was in and out in the same day. I cannot fault my experience.”

Mark is now fully recovered and making use of his new and improved left hand.

The keen cricketer and grandfather-of-two said: “I’m more of a bowler and luckily I use my right hand so the condition didn’t affect my game too much.

“But it is great to be able to play properly with both hands now, and everyday tasks like tying my shoelaces are no longer annoying.” 

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