THD - A new virtually pain free procedure for haemorrhoids (Piles)

Piles is the common term for haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are common in the general population although symptoms vary. Symptoms can include minor intermittent bleeding, discomfort and a feeling of incomplete evacuation (tenesmus).

Most haemorrhoids can be treated with over the counter medicines in the form of ointments or suppositories. But with patients who have persistent problems surgery may be necessary. Patients can now be offered a minimally invasive approach which requires no cutting or excision of skin tissue or muscle.

TheTHD haemorrhoid artery ligation  is a new operation designed to eradicate piles without the need for cutting. As such, it is virtually pain free, and most patients are back to work after 24-48 hours with only a minimum of discomfort, which if there is any, is no more than a mild throbbing in the rectum. The procedure is performed as a day case and can be carried out under sedation as well as general anaesthesia.

THD is now available at the Spire Regency Hospital and will be performed by our Consultants, who are highly experienced Surgeons specialising in General Surgery. 

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Our Consultants who offer the THD procedure

Mr A Khan

Mr U Khan

Mr Mohammed Saeed

Mr C Selvasekar 

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