A lens to fine tune your vision after cataract surgery

Standard cataract surgery today replaces the cloudy, natrual lens with a clear, artificial lens.  This lens restores clear, crisp distance vision which will be a wonderful improvement but most patients will still need to wear glasses for reading and close work. Some people may also need to wear distance glasses to correct astigmatism.

DUET can 'fine-tune' your vision enabling you to live glasses-free

Now DUET can offer you the chance to correct and 'fine-tune' your vision; the chance to live life more glasses-free.

As a DUET patient, you will receive a lens to treat your cataract and then have a second lens placed in front of the first lens. This additional lens increases your chances of seeing without glasses in most day-to-day situations. Imagine being able to read a restaurant menu, play your favourite sport, or work at the computer, all without using glasses.

The two lenses can be implanted at the same time, which means that there is no need for you to have a second operation. The DUET procedure is as safe and predictable as standard cataract surgery, and it provides you a wider variety of options for 'fine-tuning' your vision.

Already had cataract surgery?

If you have already undergone cataract surgery, you may feel that your vision could be sharper.  A DUET lens implanted in front of the existing lens can be used to tune your vision to your satisfaction and expectations.

In addition, after cataract surgery, some patients can experience irritating and unwanted visual phenomena such as shadows or dark spots in their field of vision. A DUET lens can help to reduce these phenomena and can also improve the quality of vision at night time or in low light conditions.

DUET lenses are also a clinically proven and highly effective method of correcting astigmatism.

An important feature of DUET is that it is reversible. In the rare event that you are dissatisfied with your outcome or need additional treatment to improve your vision in the future, your eyes can be returned back to monfocality in a quick and safe removal procedure known as deconversion. DUET's unique reversibility offers you the peace of mind that other surgical techniques, such as permanent laser surgery, do not.

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Our Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Say Aun Quah offers DUET lenses at the Spire Regency

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