Back Care at Spire Portsmouth

Back and neck pain can be completely debilitating and affect every aspect of your daily life. Spire Portsmouth Hospital in Havant offers an investigation and diagnostic service and when required, advanced spinal surgery procedures. We provide care from an integrated team of specialists, to manage and relieve the pain, for patients from Chichester, Petersfield and the Hampshire and West Sussex area.

People travel from all over Wessex to see our renowned spinal surgeons and physicians

Back and spinal procedures available at Spire Portsmouth Hospital in Havant

  • Facet joint injections - for neck and back pain, not widely offered on the NHS
  • Spinal decompression surgery - to remove bone, ligament or disc pressing on the spinal cord and nerves
  • Treatment for sciatica
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Discectomy
  • Disk replacement
  • Physiotherapy
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Some procedures can be performed as a day case. Others are minimally invasive, so you can hope to be up and about and ready to go home in days. Our team of highly trained orthopaedic spinal surgeons, pain physicians, rheumatologists, radiologists, physiotherapists and specialist nurses provide personalised care throughout your treatment. Your physiotherapists will design an individual rehabilitation plan to aid your recovery and help you maintain a pain free back when you return home.

Our specialist spinal team continuously update their skills and surgical techniques to ensure they deliver the best care possible to our patients.

State of the art facilities including operating theatres with laminar flow ventilation, and exceptional levels of care have enabled us to maintain our record for excellent results with zero infection rates.

If you are suffering...

If you are suffering from persistent pain, numbness or weakness in your back, neck or legs, spinal surgery could offer fast and effective relief.

Call us today on 023 9245 6172 or email to book an appointment or find out more about our back care service at Spire Portsmouth. 

Preventing back pain

With the right approach, basic back pain can be avoided.  Our Rheumatologists and Physiotherapists can help you maintain a healthy back and return to mobility after injury.

The spine consists of 33 bones (vertebrae) and forms a channel through which your spinal cord and nerves pass.  Our spinal surgeons Mr Jason Harvey and Mr Magnus McLaren can remove bones, ligament or disc that is pressing on the nerves to return you to pain free mobility. 

If you're not insured you can pay for your spinal treatment

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