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Spire Portsmouth Hospital's upper gastrointestinal service delivers a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of upper gastro-intestinal diseases and related conditions including cancer to patients in Havant, Portsmouth, Chichester and the Hampshire and West Sussex area. Supported by our team of radiologists, our service is led by a team of highly skilled upper gastrointestinal surgeons with each consultant a specialist surgeon with individual expertise.

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Our Consultant Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons can treat a variety of problems associated with the upper gastrointestinal (GI) area and can also perform weight loss, or bariatric, surgery. If you would like to know more about weight loss surgery at Spire Portsmouth Hospital please click here.

Upper GI surgery can be done via an open incision or laparoscopically. Laparoscopic, or keyhole, surgery is often the preferred method however sometimes for greater access the area must be open. Some of the procedures that our upper GI consultants do are:

Cholecystectomy (open and laparoscopic)

A cholecystectomy is used to remove the gallbladder once it has started forming gallstones. This procedure is commonly done through laparoscopic surgery these days however it can still be done through open surgery; this is decided on a case by case basis.

Hernia Repair

A hernia appears when the cavity wall that holds an organ inside the body is no longer strong enough to do so; this then appears as a lump on the surface of the body. Hernias have a variety of causes from genetic predetermination to lifestyle and activity. Treatment often varies according to the type of hernia, i.e. inguinal and umbilical. They can be treated through a variety of methods, including open or laparoscopic surgery.


Fundoplication is the treatment designed to treat acid reflux. Acid reflux is often felt as either 'heartburn' or acid in the back of the mouth and occurs when the valve between the stomach and the oesophagus does not work properly allowing the acid in the stomach to travel back up the oesophagus. It can often be controlled with medication designed to control the acidity of the stomach however where long-term medication is not an option fundoplication is often used. This surgery can often be performed laparoscopically and works by creating a suitbale valve replacement at the base of the oesophagus where it meets the stomach. 

If you have any concerns and you would like a specialist consultant to investigate, please contact us on 02392 456172 or email us on info@spireportsmouth.com to arrange an appointment. 

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