Get the facts about knee surgery

24 April

Many people consider a knee replacement operation as a last resort, but what they don’t realise is that advances in technology and training have revolutionised the procedure. The end result is more natural, longer-lasting relief for osteoarthritis pain. Don’t be fooled by falsehoods - get the facts about joint replacement surgery and why it’s right for you.

It won’t feel natural

There have been numerous advancements to improve the feeling of a knee replacement. Materials, designs and techniques have changed significantly over the past ten years to make sure it feels like a natural part of you. In time, you’ll be able to bend, flex, squat and jump as normal, although patients are advised to stick with low impact exercise for four to six weeks immediately following surgery.

Replacements only last ten years

Although this used to be true, operational advancements have increased the lifespan of knee replacements to 20 years or more. Before you undergo surgery, discuss your future options with your surgeon to determine when a follow-up procedure might be necessary, but don’t underestimate the durability of knee replacements. They are longer-lasting and more effective than ever.

It takes a long time to recover

Recovery times are much shorter than you might expect. Whereas it used to take at least a week to be dismissed from the hospital, patients can now expect to be back on their feet within three to five days. While you are in the hospital, Spire will provide you with a personal physiotherapist to help speed your recovery by guiding you through daily exercises.

Knee replacement is a last resort

Initially, chronic pain should be treated with medication, physical therapy or joint pain treatment. If that doesn’t work, patients should not submit to suffering from constant joint pain. If your mobility is affected, don’t wait too long to consider joint replacement surgery. By putting it off, you are increasing your risk of weight gain and cardiovascular problems, as well as decreasing your quality of life. Knee replacement surgery is a common sense, effective measure that should be taken to alleviate severe chronic pain before it becomes debilitating. 

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