Cancer diagnosis: Team studies mutations which cause cancer

30th June 2011

A research team has made an important step in cancer diagnosis, after identifying the order of genetic mutations which lead to individual cancers.

The team, which was led by Dr Raymond Cho, of the University of California's department of dermatology, said that the discovery will help lead to earlier diagnosis and personalised cancer treatment.

"We now show it is possible to determine which changes happen earlier and which ones happen further down the road, even in a single cancer," he added.

Identifying the order of mutations also helped the scientist determine which ones lead to precancerous lesions and which produce invasive carcinomas.

The study was conducted in collaboration with the Oregon Health & Science University, the University of California at Berkley and the Samsung Advanced Institute and detailed in the journal Cancer Discovery.

A recent study conducted at the Duke Cancer Institute in the US offered an insight into how cancer spreads after researchers identified proteins in cancer cells that circulate in sufferers' blood.

Posted by Edward Bartel

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