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Our Commitment to Clinical Standards

  • At Spire Parkway Hospital we consider a clean environment to be the foundation upon which we deliver safe and effective clinical care. We are committed to achieving consistently high standards of hospital cleanliness and take a leading position among healthcare providers by sharing with you our clinical performance figures.

    How we minimise the risk of infection

    The latest data for Spire Parkway Hospital (2009) shows that we have had no cases of MRSA bacteraemia infection.

    Careful control of the possible infection routes is essential to minimise the risk of this infection. At Spire Parkway Hospital we have a range of procedures in place to address this and are proud of our record in infection control.

    • We risk assess all patients for MRSA bacteraemia infection immediately prior to admission so we can take appropriate measures where required.
    • Patients have single rooms to help keep infection rates low. 
    • We employ our own team of housekeepers to ensure that wards, corridors and surfaces are regularly and thoroughly cleaned.  
    • Staff receive regular mandatory training in hand hygiene and infection control. 
    • We use operating theatres with laminar air flow, an air filter system, for all major orthopaedic operations to minimise the risk of infection in theatre. 
    • We employ a specialist infection control nurse to ensure that we adhere to medical standards for the prevention and control of infection.
    How we minimise the risk of infection
  • How we minimise unplanned re-admissions

    • Pre-operative assessment to highlight any significant medical problems.
    • We provide patients with comprehensive and timely information about surgery and details of any follow-up treatment.
    • Comprehensive discharge information is given to all patients.
    • 24 hour access to advice is available after discharge.
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  • Our Infection Control (2008-2009)


    Surgical site infections following hip surgery


    Surgical site infections following knee surgery


    MRSA bacteraemia blood infection (all surgery)

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  • Our Clinical Governance (2009)


    Surgical site infections following hip surgery


    Unplanned re-admission for the same or related condition within 31 days of being discharged

    See our clinical governance data



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