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  • The Parkway Orthopaedic Centre's foot and ankle clinic aims to minimise the time taken for diagnosis and treatment, providing a patient-centred approach to care.

    Our patients have the opportunity to access all members of a multidisciplinary team, during their hospital appointment, offering the optimum and more convenient treatment for patients. The pathology surrounding the foot and ankle is a complex area of the body. Patients have the chance to obtain on the spot advice and intervention, from whichever specialist they require, reducing the number of onward referrals required or repeat clinic visits.

    Our team of highly trained specialist orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons, physiotherapists and diagnosticians at The Parkway Orthopaedic Centre will look after your individual clinical requirements for a range of  foot & ankle conditions including pain, bunion, toe and joint pain.

    Our orthopaedic foot & ankle surgeons are continuously updating their skills and surgical techniques to ensure we deliver the optimum care to our patients. They appreciate the importance of customer care and aim to work flexibly to enable you to choose appointments and procedure dates to suit your life style.

For more information on our orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons, click on the links below to visit their profile pages:

Mr James Arbuthnot
Mr V Goswami
Mr James Ramos

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