Solihull feeds demand for training in advance treatment

This May, Spire Parkway Hospital will be showcasing its expertise in an advanced treatment for piles when surgeons from all over the country will be coming to Solihull to be trained in Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialisation (THD).

The minimally invasive procedure is an effective alternative to conventional haemorrhoidectomy* and is transforming the approach to treating piles.  THD results in less post-operative pain and faster recovery rates, ensuring patients lose less time off work.

On 12th May, consultant colorectal surgeon Mr Gamal Barsoum who has carried out over 200 minimally invasive procedures will be conducting the masterclass to instruct surgeons in THD which uses ultrasound Doppler to precisely locate the swollen haemorrhoid which is then stitched back into place.

The procedure which has been performed on over 5,000 patients at 115+ hospitals around the country is proving to be an effective alternative to the traditional surgical treatment of an often uncomfortable and embarrassing condition which will affect 2 in 5 of the general population at some point in their lives.

Mr Barsoum commented: “I think it is important to train more surgeons in the THD procedure so they can offer suitable patients the option of a treatment which does not involve an incision.  This means less pain is experienced while the likelihood of blood loss, infection and complications is much reduced.

“There is a real advantage for my patients especially busy professionals because time off work is kept to a minimum.  THD can be carried out as a day case and if I schedule them in the morning, they can usually return home the same day, and often be back at work the next, resuming normal activities within 48 hours.  This contrasts with the traditional treatment of a haemorrhoidectomy which involves invasive surgery, higher pain levels and may involve several weeks for full recovery.”

Two patients who have recently undergone THD described their experience

Case Study One

A S endured a severe case of piles for nearly five years before undergoing the traditional treatment of a haemorrhoidectomy. 

“The haemorrhoidectomy operation which was conducted by Mr Barsoum was very quick, only 10 minutes, but on a pain scale I would rate it 11 out of 10, especially afterwards when going to the toilet.  I felt like I needed to bite on a plank of wood to bear it and I felt it was worse than putting up with the original symptoms of piles.

Eventually the piles came back and I needed further treatment, but I couldn’t face more surgery. Better to put up with the hassle of piles than go through another haemorrhoidectomy.  Then Mr Barsoum offered me a new treatment called THD and when he said it didn’t involve surgery, I jumped at it.  The operation took 45 minutes longer than the previous one but the pain was 1-2 out of 10 which was no comparison. 

Recovery was incredibly fast as well.  I’m a landlord so I need to be out and about to get my job done.  Being able to get back to work the next day was brilliant.”

Case Study Two

RT is sitting comfortably, keeping active with his grandchildren and working with local community groups after undergoing THD treatment for piles.

Initially unaware that he had piles, the problem was discovered during a sigmoidoscopy (investigation by camera) following treatment for a rectal prolapse.  His surgeon Mr Barsoum carried out THD simultaneously with the surgery to correct the weakness in the rectal walls and to avoid putting his patient through another procedure to treat the haemorrhoids at a later date.

Robert who feels as though he has a “new bottom” is happy to recommend THD: “I didn’t know I had piles because at the time I was also having other investigations and procedures relating to recently diagnosed prostate cancer.  I was pleased to be treated by a minimally invasive operation rather than undergoing painful surgery with a potentially long recovery, so that I can concentrate on getting my health back on track.”


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