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THD (Transanal Haemorrhoidal De-arterialisation)

  • THD is a procedure that is scientifically designed to deal with the principle cause of piles – their main blood supply.

    The operation is performed under general anaesthesia using an endoanal device with an ultrasound incorporated in it.  The surgeon will use this device to precisely locate all of the haemorrhoids and tie them around the base to restrict the blood supply, which then leads to shrinkage of the piles.  If they are protruding or prolapsing, the same device will pull the haemorrhoids into their normal position.

    The procedure involves no cutting of tissue and you will only be in hospital as a day case.  Usually, you will leave hospital with no dressing and no requirements for post-operative care, other than taking painkillers.  There is a success rate of over 90% and in many of those 10% of cases where it does not work first time, the procedure can be repeated with little or no detrimental effect to normal tissue anatomy and function.

    The benefits of this procedure include no open wound, no need for any dressing, little discomfort and a quick return to normal life.

    As with all surgery, there are possible complications and some patients may experience bleeding, which will settle in most cases by itself and in a small percentage of cases, the procedure cannot be repeated.

    After the operation, you will be discharged with painkillers to manage any mild discomfort and you should then maintain a normal diet with a high fruit and vegetable content and sit daily for a couple of weeks in warmish salty water to reduce congestion in the area.


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