Modified Pilates at Spire Norwich Hospital

Pilates has soared in popularity within exercise, sport and back care over the last ten years. Pilates classes are now available in gyms, community centres, and village halls all across Norfolk. Pilates emphasises toning of the whole body to create long, lean and balanced muscles. It targets the deep stabilising muscles of the body helping to prevent injury and potentially slows down the rate of wear and tear on our joints. Its attractiveness also lies in the fact anybody of any age or fitness can do it and feel the benefits.

Private Modified Pilates at Spire Norwich Hospital

Would Modified Pilates benefit you?
Modified Pilates is a safe and effective set of exercises developed by Physiotherapists and is aimed at the general population especially those recovering from past injuries. Modified Pilates is taught at Spire Norwich Hospital by specialist Physiotherapists, and aims to strengthen the deep stabilising muscles of the neck, shoulders, abdominals, and pelvis, as well as increasing muscle flexibility, joint mobility and increasing body and postural awareness.

Think of Pilates as a maintenance service for your body, just like you need to service your car to keep it running smoothly the same is needed for your body. Pilates re-balances the body and increases stability around the joints which potentially decreases the risk of degenerative disorders.

Pilates tones the whole body and can be used as a single form of exercise or it can greatly compliment other sports by keeping your body strong to reduce the risk of injury. Whether using Pilates as a preventative tool to maintain good joint health or as a rehabilitation tool after surgery or injury, at Spire Norwich Hospital, a safe personalised programme of mat based exercises is created to develop good core stability, the foundation of movement.

What common injuries/conditions are treated with Modified Pilates?
Modified Pilates provides excellent treatment for a wide range of injuries and is beneficial to anyone wishing to participate in exercise. The most common injuries treated are back pain (including after surgery), neck pain, postural problems, shoulder pain, and hip pain. It can also help ante and postnatal women.

What about laying in difficult positions or getting on and off the floor?
At Spire Norwich Hospital the Pilates exercises are adapted to individuals level of ability and needs during a one-to-one session. Laying on the floor can also be completely avoided if necessary with standing Pilates, a new form of Pilates which aids the prevention of osteoporosis and offers those who desire exercises that further challenge their balance and strength in the functional weight bearing standing position.

Pilates in pregnancy
One-to-one Pilates sessions are available for pregnant ladies as long as they are considered medically fit by a doctor or midwife to exercise. Pilates is a great form of exercise for pregnant ladies as it is low impact but will prepare you for the physical demands of pregnancy, labour and motherhood.

Pilates classes at Spire Norwich Hospital
The Pilates class is an intimate (maximum of seven people) class undertaken by a Pilates Specialist Physiotherapist. Class levels are adapted as needed and exercises are varied and kept challanging by including equipment such as gym balls, foam rollers, resistance bands and small weights.

Prior to commencing Pilates classes at Spire Norwich Hospital, if you have not performed Pilates before/would like a refresh or have had spinal surgery, a one-to-one Pilates session is required with one of our Pilates Specialised Physiotherapists. During this session you will be taught the basic Pilates technique and your individual needs will be assessed ready for class participation. During your one-to-one session you will receive a starter pack which includes a health questionnnaire and consent form for exercise.

Currently the Pilates class is only available for patients who can stand without walking aids and manoeuvre comfortably to and from the floor. It is advantageous (although not essential) if participants are able to lie on their stomach, back and sides, and kneel; pillows and supports are provided. Alternative exercises can be provided if necessary.

Current class exclusions include:

  • During pregnancy if no previous exercise undertaken
  • Given birth within six weeks
  • Patients who are medically unsafe to exercise
  • Hip replacement surgery within 12 weeks
  • Spinal surgery within six weeks
  • Abdominal hysterectomy within 12 weeks


For more information about Modified Pilates or to make a private appointment please contact one of the team on 01603 255 587 or please complete the enquiry form on the right-hand side of this page.

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Private Modified Pilates at Spire Norwich Hospital

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