Making an informed choice about cosmetic surgery

January 2014

Subjected to images of ‘celebrities’ in many forms of media it becomes easy to judge them based on how they look. Not all, but some of these celebs may have undergone some form of cosmetic surgery and are encouraged to reel off the numerous procedures they have been through!

With this in mind, two women from Norfolk talk about their decision to go under the knife and what sort of negative judgements or positive reinforcement they experienced as a result.

Danielle, 23 from Norwich had a breast augmentation with Miss Rozina Ali, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Spire Norwich Hospital. Danielle explains “Before the operation, I was a ‘C’ cup so the reasons for having a breast enlargement were not due to feeling flat chested”.

Danielle is a trained dancer and felt that having a larger chest may help her career. “I think people will make a judgement about what I am like based on my reasons for surgery, I am aware of that. However, my job involves being confident on stage, and increasing my bust by two bra sizes has achieved this and I do get offered more work as a result. The interesting thing is that my breasts still look entirely natural with barely visible scars, so no-one has passed any judgment because Miss Ali has ensured they look and feel as natural as possible, so, I think the additional work clearly comes from me feeling more confident”.

Miss Ali, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Spire Norwich Hospital explains “My job is not to interrogate the motivations for surgery, but to provide realistic and expert medical advice. This allows me to either support their decision, advise them of alternative options to achieve a similar outcome, or to advise against surgery. In Danielle’s case, she originally toyed with the idea of going larger than a ‘DD’ cup, however taking her job into account I explained that going larger would hinder her ability to perform. Also, typically, very large implants are associated with a bigger risk of complications”.

Miss Ali continues “It’s important to build an honest and professional rapport with my patients, so if I recognise that surgery is not the solution or feel the patient is asking for something which is neither realistic nor achievable, I have no hesitation in saying so. Cosmetic surgery unfortunately divides opinions and those who undergo surgery may occasionally be judged as being selfish or vain – in most cases, the reasons can be much more profound and are due to self-esteem and social pressures.

Danielle concludes “I met Miss Ali and knew straightaway she was the right surgeon for me.  She had integrity and a high level of experience in this surgery and was right about the implant size I should have. I am now a ‘32DD’ and I am thrilled with the results. The aftercare I received from her and the staff at Spire Norwich Hospital has far exceeded my expectations”.

Joanne, 36 from Norwich had a consultation with Miss Ali to discuss a breast enlargement, but the reasons behind it were quite different.  She explains “I breast fed all three of my children. When I stopped feeding my youngest, I was shocked to see how vastly different my breasts had become as a result”.

Miss Ali explains “Hormones, pregnancy, gravity and ageing are going to get you in the end! They are the main culprits for loss of breast volume and “perkiness”. During and post pregnancy women experience hormonal and physical changes, all of which take their toll on breast tissue, breastfeeding may contribute to loss of volume but is not always the main offender”.

Joanne first met with Miss Ali last summer and recalls “I was very self-conscious about my chest and felt very strongly that surgery was my choice and I couldn’t let anyone else’s judgements influence my decision. My partner understood as he knew how little confidence I had as a result of my deflated flat chest”.

“I had two consultations with Miss Ali. I found her warm, knowledgeable and honest. She could see that I had little volume in my breasts and discussed the pros and cons of undergoing surgery and the merits of different implant sizes. Although the risk of complications was clearly explained, I came away from the consultation feeling both confident and completely informed”.

Miss Ali describes the operation “A breast augmentation (enlargement) typically takes about 1.5 hours under general anaesthetic and involves inserting a solid silicone implant underneath your natural breast tissue or under the muscle of the breast. I always attempt to minimise scarring, so the sutures are under the skin, absorbable and usually hidden away from sight – under the crease of the breast for example. The patient will stay in hospital overnight or if fit and well may be suitable for a daycase procedure. Recovery depends on their lifestyle and their surgery, but most are back to normal activities within days and more strenuous activities within weeks.

Joanne concludes “I love my new breasts. They have given me so much more confidence and magnificently enhance my body shape. I receive nothing but compliments now. My advice to anyone thinking about having a breast enlargement would be to make sure they feel completely at ease with the surgeon they choose and be sure to take all the time they need to reach a decision”.

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All surgery carries an element of risk and the content of this page is provided for general information only.  It should not be treated as a substitute for the professional medical advice of your doctor or other healthcare professional.

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Miss Rozina Ali, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Spire Norwich Hospital

Miss Rozina Ali, Consultant Plastic Surgeon
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