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At Spire Norwich Hospital in Norfolk, the health and wellbeing of our patients is paramount. So as well as offering a broad range of private treatments and services for our patients, we also have a Bupa Health Assessment Centre on-site to offer patients preventative assessment to help ensure you're in the best of health.

Being healthy is as much about prevention as it is about cure; it’s also about how you feel. That’s why we offer health assessments – a bit like an MOT for your body. They can help spot potential health issues before they become problems, and also give you advice and reassurance to help you stay healthy.

Our Bupa Health Assessments include:

  • a medical history and lifestyle questionnaire
  • a physical examination
  • a consultation with a doctor or health adviser
  • the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns
  • test results usually available on the day
  • a personalised health report, usually available on the day
  • an action plan with practical advice to help minimise health risks

Choose from our extensive range of health assessments to identify any health issues and take positive steps to help put them right.

With a Bupa Health Assessment, you can get a clear and detailed picture of your physical condition as well as expert advice on the lifestyle changes you should make now to help maintain good health in the future.

Bupa Complete Health Assessment:

This health assessment provides an in-depth picture of your current state of health. With a wide range of tests and a 45 minute consultation with a Bupa doctor, you can discuss and receive medical advice on any health or lifestyle concerns you may have.
Total duration: up to 120 minutes
Consultation time with doctor: up to 45 minutes
Number of tests and measures: 32
Suitable for customers aged: 18 to 70
Visit the Bupa website to find out more

Bupa Essential Health Assessment:

Created for those people who consider themselves to be generally healthy. This health assessment is a convenient way to review key medical and lifestyle concerns via tests and a 25 minute consultation with a Bupa doctor.
Total duration: up to 60 minutes
Consultation time with doctor: up to 25 minutes
Number of tests and measures: 17
Suitable for customers aged: 18 to 65
Visit the Bupa website to find out more

Bupa Mature Health Assessment:

This extensive two hour assessment covers all the tests of the Bupa Complete Health Assessment with additional time with a doctor and tests more relevant to mature customers.
Total duration: up to 120 minutes
Suitable for customers ages: 65+
Visit the Bupa website to find out more

Bupa Female Health Assessment:

A tailored assessment for women’s health issues. It assesses breast and gynaecological health with a cervical smear, blood analysis and a breast examination.
Total duration: up to 60 minutes
Number of tests and measures: 15
Visit the Bupa website to find out more

Bupa Breast Health Check:

As breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK, it pays to be proactive and seek prompt health advice. Particularly relevant to women over 40 years, this health check consists of a thorough breast check (including mammography) and breast awareness guidance  to help detect early signs of breast disease. You can book this individually or include it as part of a Bupa Health Assessment to focus in on any specific health concerns you may have.
Visit the Bupa website it find out more

How to contact us

Our Bupa centre is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 4.30pm with varying availability for more complex health assessments. Simply call your local Spire hospital to book your Health Assessment appointment.

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